Friday, April 10, 2015

Why so long? And Millefiore fun.

I was looking at my blog, this blog, a few days ago in search of a quilt to see when I had started it and I realised that I might come to regret not blogging for so long. So, it is time to start again.

So much has happened in the however long it has been since I last blogged seriously. I think I will just fill in the blanks as I go rather than try and cover it all in one huge post.

One of the biggest projects I have started in the last year is the La Passacaglia quilt from the Millefiore book.

I ordered the book from Quiltmania when they had a 60% off sale, bargain! And got my paper pieces from Paper Pieces in the US.

I started making the quilt on our big trip to Melbourne in October 2014.

I have made the first rosette, which is the only completed round cog.

The first big rosette took me 3 months to complete.

And I am half way through my second big rosette. There are three of these.

I decided to mainly use Tula Pink and Cotton & Steel fabric with a few solids and other fav prints thrown in.

I have to admit and am really dawn to complicated patterns!

Bye for now,


Monday, October 13, 2014

Envelope Cover Tutorial

Hi all,

Sorry I have been absent for so long. I just popped in to add the Tutorial for the Envelope tablet cover to the Tutorial page.

If you go to the Tutorial Page and click on the picture it will open the tutorial as a PDF.

Please let me know if you have any problems. I would love to see pictures of your project too!

BTW - the cover is approximately 10" x 8" finished. So check the measurements of your tablet and adjust size to suit!

Bye for now, Jess

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Indelible Datura Blouse

Hi all,

This week, inbetween many other things, I managed to make another Datura Blouse.

I used the gorgeous Indelible range, and I didn't prewash the fabric...I hope it doesn't come back and bite me!

I have a little stash of premade bias and used this cute black with white polka dots for the hem. And I found three of the dark teal buttons in my stash too. So this blouse was made completely from my stash! Winning!

In other news my Clowns Choice quilt is in the 2015 Quilters Companion diary, yay! When I get one I will share a pic.

Bye for now, Jess


Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch up

Hi all,

I guess it has been a few weeks since I did my last blog post. So what have I been up to?

Well I made a couple of coats for my boys. I used black corduroy and lined them with a really cool tech print patchwork fabric.

I used the Spring Showers Jacket pattern by Elegance and Elephants. They went together really easily, the only issue I had was with the length of the zip but I fixed that by using a piece of ribbon to cover the cut edges at the top. I made a feature of it and used different colours on each jacket.

Then I got horribly sick with pneumonia and didn't do anything for about a week and a half. But when my sewjo came back it was back with a bang!

I played around with the Hex-n-more ruler and came up with this quilt. I love it! It does have Y seams but they really aren't that scary anymore.

And last weekend mum and I got together and made Sew Together Bags. I had a great time!

I went a little crazy with my fabrics and used a different fabric for everything but I love it!

Right now I am working on the Gypsy Wife quilt and I have some dress fabrics washed and ready to stay tuned!

Bye for now, Jess