Friday, March 11, 2011

Flowers and new arrivals!

Hi all,

Did the post title pique your interest? LOL

I have been working on hexie flowers for my garden and someone else’s! That is a surprise (maybe)!

One for me and two for ……..?

This is my flower garden, it is growing slowly. I think I will try to make myself at least one flower when I make my swap partners flowers each month. That way it will grow quicker!

I won this charm pack over at Samelia’s Mum’s blog.  It is really pretty, kind of muted tones.

I won this Scrap Pack from Hawthorne Threads over at  Angela’s blog, Cut To Pieces! Hawthorne Threads have gorgeous fabric, if you go and have look at the website check out Spring Street, I love it! Might have to get some!

As soon as I opened the package I saw some Urban Circus, so Tufted Tweets, some great boys fabric and don’t you just love those apples on the bottom piece of fabric!

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Jump Creations said...

Love those hexi flowers, it is on my list but have not made it there yet. You seem to have the touch getting free things lately!

Janet said...

I know that heaxagons are addictive so that's why I'll just enjoy yours. You are aon a lucky streak, I'm on a restricted fabric diet so stop tempting me, lol.

Oops-Lah said...

You've been lucky lately! Congratulations. I love your hexie flowers, so sweet.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Ok...I've got to get some hexie's made. These are just too fun!
You have won some fun things!
xx, shell