Sunday, September 18, 2011

Babies and holidays!

Hi all,

Here are the promised pictures of the baby geese…

There are 6 little fluffy goslings.

It is very interesting watching the family unit at work, it is like having 3 parents. They really stick together!

Although they are bringing the goslings up around the house you don’t want to get too close….boy are they protective! Which is actually really lovely to see.

It is school holidays here in Queensland. We are heading off tomorrow on a road trip, we will be making our way out to Charleville and back again.

Map picture

Just to give you an idea because it is surprising how many people, even queenslanders, haven’t heard of Charleville!

I even managed to fit in some sewing time…

I made 2 matching sets of a potholder and dish soap apron. As soon as I saw the tutorial for the apron I new I had to make at least one!

There is one for my parents caravan and one for ours….we are all heading off on adventures!

I better go and finish packing….catch up later!

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Oops-Lah said...

Your goslings are so sweet. I warrant they will have grown quite a bit by the time you return. Have a happy and safe trip.
PS: Love your dish soap apron, it's very cute, but what is it actually for? Decoration or does it have a specific purpose.

Karen 'n Chris said...

Thanks for the pics Jess, they are sooooo cute. I could look at them all day.
Hope you have a great trip.

Janet said...

Happy trails to you! I think the weather is just right for a road trip. Thanks for sharing the fluffy babies, they're so cute.
Very cool accesories you've made, I'm off to check the tutorial out.

Lynn Koeppen said...

The baby goslings are adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jude said...

Love the kitchen set and your geese and oslings are so cute. Have a lovely holiday and get lots of rest.

Elyte said...

Thanks for the update on the new arrivals.
Have a great trip.