Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ivy’s Quilt

Hi everyone!

Look what I finally photographed today….


It is a sampler quilt I started last year – mainly to do practice blocks for the bee I was in but that was not going to give me enough blocks so I used Quiltmakers 100 blocks magazines and the Modern Blocks book for extra inspiration! And one block I drew up on EQ7 just for the fun of it!

99% of the fabric is “Where the wind blows” and is just perfect for a little girl!

And the quilt is a fairly generous single bed size – I honestly don’t feel like getting up to measure it right now!

I could figure it out though, the blocks are 12” and 2” sashings and about 5” borders….got your calculators out girls? 54” x 82” sounds about right!


This is the first quilt I have quilted on the Short-arm quilting machine that I am looking after for my SIL…I am pretty happy with how it turned out! And so much quicker then wrestling it through my regular machine!


Don’t you just love a polka dot binding?!


Here is the label and the backing fabric…I know my recipients mum is a follower but I don’t think she is a regular reader – if she is she’ll have to “shhh”!

The only thing I haven’t done is washed it…I know a lot of people do this before gifting quilts. What do you think I should do?

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Anonymous said...

Love it well done and I would wash, just pop it in to the machine

Oops-Lah said...

Love seeing the quilt all quilted and finished! It turned out fantastic. I have to say that I never wash a quilt before I gift it, except for baby quilts. I'm always a bit worried that the colours would run or it would shrink etc. and I think I let the new owner worry about it ;). xx

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

A beautiful finish. It will be treasured. I never was a quilt when giving it as a gift unless it has a mark on it!

Teresa F. said...

A wonderful finish. The quilt is so beautiful.I say don't wash it.

barcord said...

Jess it is beautiful. Dont wash it. Dont think anything could improve on it. I love your label. Ivy will be delighted with it.foommis iegulthe

Sue SA said...

I dont wash my quilts before I give them away, never thought to! Congratulations on a beautiful finish and for making good use of the quilting machine. Great label...but perhaps add some washing instructions!

Elyte said...

Looks fabulous. Lucky Ivy.
I prewash fabrics but otherwise don't wash until I need to.

Narelle said...

Gorgeous quilt!
Lovely and fresh!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely quilt. Love the border fabric, it ties everything together so well. She'll love it. Since I hand quilt, I usually wash the quilt before I give it away, since it has chalk or other marks still on it from my quilting lines. I also tend to give a small jar of Orvis paste and directions with each quilt, so that the new owner will know how to wash it. (color catchers are also great to add).