Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Hi all,

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret….shhh…..I have been busy writing instructions for that little sneaky peek I showed you a while back! It is very exciting and a tad stressful too!

And that is why I am now playing the catch up game!

I have 2 months of bee blocks to make up….

Feathered star progress

This is where I am at for the August block, it is going to be a feathered star! Crazy!

Actually, I just remembered I have caught up with the Marti Michell BOM but I forgot to take a picture….I must remember to do that!

And we recently bought a “new to us” car. So of course I needed something jazzy for our keys!


His and hers keyfobs! Super quick and very distinctive!

Next on my list is our very own QAL! How did I get behind on this? Not setting a very good example am I? LOL

And I really what to give you some ideas of what you can do for the lap quilt and smaller item category….it is on the list!

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SameliasMum said...

Your key fobs are funky! Great idea.

barcord said...

Fab Fobs.

Sue SA said...

Is there a pattern for the fobs? Are they sewn directly onto tape? They look good, especially for finding in my handbag, or when I go out with just the keys for a quick kid pick up!

FarahLin said...

Love the key fobs and your feathered star is looking great!
I'm catching up on my HFWYG blocks too as I'm sooo far behind!