Friday, April 10, 2015

Why so long? And Millefiore fun.

I was looking at my blog, this blog, a few days ago in search of a quilt to see when I had started it and I realised that I might come to regret not blogging for so long. So, it is time to start again.

So much has happened in the however long it has been since I last blogged seriously. I think I will just fill in the blanks as I go rather than try and cover it all in one huge post.

One of the biggest projects I have started in the last year is the La Passacaglia quilt from the Millefiore book.

I ordered the book from Quiltmania when they had a 60% off sale, bargain! And got my paper pieces from Paper Pieces in the US.

I started making the quilt on our big trip to Melbourne in October 2014.

I have made the first rosette, which is the only completed round cog.

The first big rosette took me 3 months to complete.

And I am half way through my second big rosette. There are three of these.

I decided to mainly use Tula Pink and Cotton & Steel fabric with a few solids and other fav prints thrown in.

I have to admit and am really dawn to complicated patterns!

Bye for now,



Oops-Lah said...

Stunning and worth all the work. I'm getting very tempted to start my own Millefiori quilt with all the beauties popping up all over the Internet. Nice to see you here again by the way. xx

DeborahGun said...

Nice to have you back in blogland Jess :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sometimes there is so much going on, that there just isn't time or energy to blog about it.

LindaT said...

I ordered the Millefiori book from Quiltmania on April 1 and I still have not received it. I realize it comes from France, but does it take this long? They have not answered my emails.