Monday, November 2, 2015

Creative space

For a few days last week I was rearranging my creative space. It's not a room you can close a door on rather it is in the corner of an L shape with the dining room on one side and the boys school room and hubby's hobby on the other side.


I was starting to feel a little crowded! I couldn't spin in my sewing chair without hitting the table behind me so I finally decided to change a few things.

I swapped my grandparents dining table (this was so hard to let go of!) for the corner desk and hutch that had been mine as a teenager. I have lots of pretty and precious things to look at while I sew now! And I also scored an old bookshelf unit on wheels which is holding lots of bits and bobs.

And my hubby made me a couple of ruler stands. I don't know how I survived without these, they are so great!

It's a bit hard to see but I turned the cupboard next to the ironing board around to face the front, took the old quilt off the wall to give it a much needed wash and hung up some treasured minis in its place.


I feel so much more organised and inspired to sew now. Already I have finished a couple of wips and a new project too! So I have much to share in the future!

Happy sewing, Jess



Sue SA said...

Thanks for sharing it is always nice to see how other people organise themselves, gives me good ideas! Love your little mini's!

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