Monday, February 28, 2011

A great mail day!

Hi guys,

I feel very spoiled today! It is not everyday that there are 4 parcels in my letterbox and 2 of them from overseas!

I have been involved in a number of swaps and now I am reaping the rewards!

I participated in Another Little Quilt Swap 5 this year, my little quilt went off to Vreni. I got this quilt today….

It came all the way from Pam in the UK. It is called “Memories Quilt” because it is made with fabric from Pam’s daughters dresses and the buttons are off a liberty bodice worn by Pam. And it is vintage, made 43 years ago!  I love that it encompasses so much meaning!

I also did a little swap with Janet.

I received this piece of loveliness today. It is gorgeous! I love Janet’s work and I feel privileged to own a piece of her quilting! And a gorgeous piece of fabric was wrapped around it!
I will show you the quilt I made for Janet when it arrives at the other end.

I also tried my hand at a fabric swap through Flickr. I swapped a layer cake. I swapped a Spirit for a Plume! It is gorgeous, I love the feathers! You can see it in the first picture!

I have also started getting back blocks from the girls in the quilting bee I am in, I will show them later too!

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Janet said...

How exciting to have four lots of goodies. What a nice memory from Vreni and I'm glad you invited me to do a swap with you, it was fun.

Narelle said...

Gotta love parcels in the post!
Lovely colours in Janet's little quilt and lots of love stitched in Pam's quilt.

Elyte said...

Lucky you, I love that sort of mail.
I liked your post about the templates too.

Oops-Lah said...

You had a good day it seems, postal wise that is! I love Janet's little quilt. So fresh and pretty. Also your ALQS quilt is lovely. Was it one of your top choices?

MiniBinoy said...

the li'l quilt looks pretty!!

Samelia's Mum said...

Great mail. That quilt with the flower is beautiful. Plume is gorgeous.