Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting on 2011

Hi all,

Last year was a big year for my little family….

Lets start with my quilting/sewing finishes. I finished 4 quilts that range from wallhanging size to single bed size.

Fav quilts 2011

I think my goal of 2011 was to finish a lot more quilts than this! And make less smaller things -

Fav small projects 2011

I finished quite a few smaller projects. Mini quilts, a table runner, mug rugs, Magoo, bags, a spider shirt, placemats and napkins!

As a family we have had quite an eventful year. We all got bikes and have been doing plenty of family rides….We bought a caravan and did two trips – one to Charleville and the outback. One to Bundaberg for a week.

Bundy holiday 2011 037

TP completed his first year of school as a Preppie, and is eagerly awaiting Year 1. And we shall never forget BW breaking his arm…

November 2011 Blake

I think that 2011 was actually a pretty good year for us. We have plenty planned for 2012 – family holidays and adventures…we are thinking about starting a family blog about our adventures!

Now my creative goals for 2012 -

1 - I really do want to make more big quilts. And maybe that will be more achievable because of my next goal…

2 - I am going to learn how to use a long arm quilter – I am looking after my SIL’s quilting machine set up and have the opportunity to figure it out so that is the plan!

3 - I am going to go where ever the creative winds blow me! Without fear!

4 - I will sew what I feel like sewing, I will be ME on my blog and I will continue to sell some of my creations so that I can afford to be creative.

Family wise - I will try to be a great mum to my 2 little fella’s! And a good and loving wife to my very supportive and loving hubs!

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Toni said...

Good luck with your goals.

Katy Cameron said...

Hope you have a fabulously creative new year :o)

Janet said...

I love your goals! How exciting to have a caravan, you'll have lots of great times with that. I loved seeing all your lovely projects together, I think some big quilts will be on my agenda this year too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan.
You can always have a go on my long arm if you like.
Happy New Year to you and your family Jessica

Oops-Lah said...

You did very well last year. Love your collage by the way (how did you make them, is it a special program?). I wish you much luck, happiness and many creative hours in the new year and I'm looking forward to seeing how your plans are unfolding. Hugs Vreni x

SandyN said...

Hi Jess...

LOVE your work. I do hope you sell heaps in your store.. my friend LOVE her diary...


Narelle said...

Beautiful reflections and lovely goals.
Happy New Year :)