Monday, January 9, 2012

Too many great things happening!

Hi all,

There are so many great things going on this year in blogland and on flickr! I have been really careful not to sign up for too many, but here are some I couldn’t resist -

(Click on the pictures for the links)

The Japanese X & + block swap

This is my practice block…why I can’t take a straight picture I’ll never know!

Name Game Swap

Name Game Swap - Samelia's Mum 
Hosted by Samelia’s Mum….I love the one she made for herself so this should be great! Sign ups are open until the 15th.

Swoon Quilt Along

Swoon along button 
I have the patterns for two different sizes of this particular block and I really wanted to make a Swoon quilt this year so I couldn’t resist!

Dress Up your Roll

This one is Hosted by Jane and I think it sounds different and fun so I am going to give it a go! Official launch is today so go and check it out!

Just Takes 2


This has started already, not that I have started yet! I am going to do mine scrappy purples with white background….I think!

So far that is all….and scrolling back through this lot I am wondering what I have gotten myself in for!

Just a reminder that I will be drawing giveaway 2 on Wednesday so if you haven’t left a comment on the giveaway post yet don’t forget to!

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Oops-Lah said...

My gosh girl, I thought I'm doing a lot of things but it's nothing compared to you. You'll have your hand fulls this year, that's for sure!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

lots of fun stuff there. I will be Swooning with you :o)

rubyslipperz said...

You have some really great/fun endeavors on your menu for 2012!

I've got well over 40 (yikes, maybe 50! How did I get so far in a "hole"?) kits/projects on my list (in my sewing loft). I'm trying hard not to start any "Sew-blog-along" that doesn't help me in the pursuit of finishing a few of meee ol' WIPs.

I'll have to check back in to your blog so that I can live all the fun...Blog-cariously =)


Charlie and Wendy said...

There are so many beautiful BOMs and sew alongs out there, it is getting hard to choose ... or to not choose!