Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend report!

Hi all,

We had a great weekend walking on the beach and catching up with friends.

The weather was fabulous, so we could enjoy the beach to the max! The boys loved racing the waves.

This is the view from our cabin – right on the beach (at Elliott Heads near Bundaberg)! I might get a bit worried staying here in a big storm but this weekend it was glorious.

This is a lonely hexie flower that I actually put together while pondering the lovely view and while no.2 was asleep! Yay!

If you are travelling through Childers (in Queensland) I highly recommend a fantastic shop called Patchwork Avenue they have a great range, plus an interesting historical location! 
I picked up a couple of nice things here – a piece of heavenly Kaffe fabric and some boy fabric and a Pure charm pack! Sorry I haven’t taken pics yet.

I am working on a couple of things which I am eager to share as soon as they are finished! Teaser? No this is more for me – to keep me motivated. haha

Be Happy,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last minute

Hi all,

It seems the tables have turned. You see it used to be hubby who would spend the day before a trip setting up his radio gear instead of helping me pack.

But not this time….

It was me doing last minute sewing. Making up hair brained schemes to keep the kids occupied in the back seat. Will it work? Probably not, but it stops me worrying about how I will cope with 4 hours of screaming, arguing or whining children. We are going to Bundaberg for a couple of nights, relaxing (I can only hope) and visiting friends (for sure)!

This is my take on the pencil roll, which there are so many tutorials for it is not funny! Kellie from Don’t Look Now actually has done one in the latest Homespun mag.

It is a clip board buddy. I made 2 and they hold 10 pencils and 2 matchbox cars. I used 2 straps of button-hole elastic and buttons at the top, so hopefully because it is adjustable it can be used on many occasions. (Don’t you love the beginner handwriting? So cute!)

Now I need to print out some colouring pages.

Have a good weekend and remember - Be happy,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Circular Flying Geese

Hi all,

I LOVE this pattern, seriously! As soon as I first saw it I knew I had to make it.

I made this for a super generous fellow blogger, who gave me some of Melly and Me’s new fabric range. I used the ‘Where the wind blows’ fabric for the geese and solid purple for the background.

But I shrank the block pattern down! A lot!

I wasn’t sure if making it so small would work. So I made a slightly bigger version at the same time, I haven’t finished that one off yet. The small one is roughly 4 1/4 inches, the perfect size for a mug rug.

I wasn’t sure what to make because this person is so talented and creative, but I knew I wanted to use some of the fabric that she gave me. Then I thought that it didn’t really look like much on its own so I made a postage stamp size mug tag. I fussy cut a little hot air balloon and used her signature ric rac! Ha Ha there’s a clue for you!

Be happy,

Friday, October 8, 2010

What’s that in my mail box? Part 2

Hi all,

I have a few more lovely things to show you that have landed in my mail box recently!

First up, you may remember Vreni and I had a little swap going, well here is my little present…..

img_2587 (Modified)
It is the most gorgeous sewing box, I love the russian dolls on the lid with their hand drawn faces! And check out the inside….

Some handy little items – scissors with their cute little keeper, a marking pencil, a little house brooch and stick on thimbles! So cool – thank you Vreni, I love it!

While the Aussie dollar is good I thought I might treat myself to some sweetness from the US of A!

This is the Make Life range of fabric from Sweetwater.

Doesn’t it look great all stacked up? I might leave it like this for a little while!

Do you see that book underneath? I was inspired to get this book after seeing the quilts here.

Now I need to feed my love of charm packs! You really need 2 packs to make any of the patterns in the book, unfortunately when buying packs in the past I have only bought singles so I will have to remedy that, some how.

I also got some Kona cotton solids, what beautiful fabric, which I have already cut up! So you should see them soon!

Be happy,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What’s that in my mail box?

Hi all,

My darling baby (aka sewing machine) is still at the doctors, but there has been some good come from all this, the manufacturer has come to the party and is supplying the parts needed so that my machine can be fixed! So, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I have her back again!

In the meantime, my mum has generously lent me one of her machines, she could see I was having major withdrawals! So I have been able to get a couple of things done….

A while ago my MIL bought TP some 3 piece winter pyjamas that were on special. Since he really needed summer pj’s I decided to make 1 set into 2 sets! So I made very easy cotton shorts to go with the t-shirts. I put a button on the front waistband so that he knows which way is front.

I have also had some great things turn up in the mail box lately….

I won this tea towel over at Yardage Design,  Nic does great designs go and check out her newest tea towel!

I also came across a sweet package of fabric, Melly and Me’s new gorgeous range “Where the wind blows” and a couple of the cutest patterns by Ric-rac! Jodie also spins a great story, her latest is about a chap named Baxter!

Be happy,