Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creative update....

I thought I might have a creative update....

I have been working on a bag out of Homespun mag. It has a cute stitchery on the front and is made using a honey bun. I haven't done much embroidery before but I'm finding this pretty easy... other than the french knots. As a lefty it takes me a bit longer to work these things out!

There is meant to be french knots around the edge of the circle. I wasn't happy with my first attempt and have cut them off, but I will try again.

Above is what started out as a bag pattern but I turned it into a block folder. I thought it would make a way too big bag for my use so I made the front and back panels into the folder. Mum made the bag too and it fits her machine embroidery case in it perfectly. Do you think it needs more embellishment?
And this is my progress on my DLN Quilt along blocks. I haven't done many as you can see, 4 are sewn down and there are 2 ready to stitch. So I still have a long way to go.

Now I had better get back to it ;-)
Bye for now,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Budding photographer!

This seems to have turned out to be a weekly affair! I try to post a couple times a week, but time just slips away.
A least the weather might cool off a bit over the next few days. Today it rained a bit - just to add humidity to the mix...ughhhh.
After the rain I thought I might take some photos while everything was wet and sparkly. Guess what I heard when I stepped outside?

We often hear koalas grunting at this time of year but we have so many trees it is hard to spot them. This one I caught on the move, he was grunting really loudly as he started up the tree and as you can see they blend in so I was lucky to see his movement as I looked around. I feel privileged that he posed for me!

Then I handed the camera over to a budding photographer.....

He actually took a few good photos concidering he was flashing the camera around and not giving it time to focus. It is interesting seeing what a 4 year old deems photo worthy.....

A bucket in the bush.....

Our dog Jed......

Rubbish on the deck - the broom waiting in anticipation..........

The view from our deck............

He is quite a creative young soul. I will post again in the next day or so as I have some other photos to share. For now I am off the catch some zzzzz's!

Goodnight all. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!
Jess ;-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bright side of the week!

Thinking back on this week....
We have all been sick with the flu. First the boys and then hubby and me. It is not a nice flu, if there is such a thing, bad sinus headaches and feeling weak and tired. The boys are pretty well over it now, us oldies though are still suffering a bit!
Anywho....gotta look on the bright side of life!
I have actually done a few things!

I was on this blog called Freebies for crafters and came across this gift idea.
They are called Molten Chocolate Cake Mugs from Atkinson Designs blog.

They are super easy to put together. The only sewing is for the bag. I even made a cake in a mug to taste test the recipe... very easy and quick to make, you do need cream or ice-cream with it as it is very rich. But very yummy!
So, I made 2 for TP's kindy teacher and assistant. I hope they like them!

I have also sewn up a dress. A very simple Newlook pattern. Made with stretch knit fabric - it wasn't my first choice in pattern but Spotlight had sold out of the other 5 I had picked. It came together okay. I'm not sure though if it looks nice enough to wear out, it looks a bit like a house dress, which is fine because after a hot summer day all I want to do is have a shower and put on a loose, floaty dress!

To finish on a pretty note...don't you just love this panel! I know I do!
It is Primavera by Michael Miller Fabrics, who also have a great range of free quilt patterns on their website!

Take care and stay cool!
Jess ;-)

PS. I got my pic on the Don't Look Now Flickr page. Check it out, heaps are getting added all the time and it is great to see the different colour combinations!