Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This, that and a handbag!

Hi guys,

I have had an exciting week that has ended with me not being able to talk :( Shall I start at the beginning?

We have had a bit a of a cold go through our house and I thought I was over it, apart from a cough which always stays with me for a long time. So, on Friday Mum and I took a trip to Ikea. It was awesome! I have been once before but it was mums first time. Got some chairs and bits and pieces but I don’t have any photos to share yet.

Then we headed to DFO for a late lunch and a look around. The foodcourt has an open roof and we got frozen while we ate. Not the best for my chest!

Mad quilters loot

Time for a picture?

The next day was Saturday. We had planned to go to the Mad Quilters Gathering and I had the opportunity to meet a couple of the Ausmod bee girls soooo I pushed myself and went. Maybe it was a bad decision but I was feeling okay apart from the voice packing it in and I really had a great time.

I couldn’t resist the loot that is in the above picture. The fat quarter pack is Cruiser Blvd from Riley Blake, such great boy fabric! Lucky I’m not on a fabric diet LOL

And I did get to met Catherine and Kirsten. It is fantastic when you get to met people that you know through blogging and bees! I was so happy to be able to meet both of you!

The other high-light was getting to play on a HQ Avanti 18” quilting machine. It was a dream to use, my stippling was so fine and I could even do flowers and leaves! I found out that you can hire the machine in the shop for a day and quilt your own quilt….I am really thinking about doing that!

Anyway, on the way home mum said that my voice was getting worse and by the next day I couldn’t talk at all. So I have been to the GP and he gave me antibiotics for a chest infection and I am feeling a bit better but still not able to talk much. But I did feel like doing a little bit of sewing today….

Tulip purse 2 front

I made another one of the Tulip Bags. This time I used Simple Life and Red Riding Hood, they work together perfectly!

Tulip purse 2 button

I love the button! I can never quite tell if the design is going to be centred or not, but I think this worked out beautifully!

Tulip purse 2 inside

And a cute little pocket on the inside! It is a gift for little girl so she should like it, hopefully.

Well, I have been a bit chatty today, thank you to anyone who has kept reading!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A new adventure!


I am still here! And I have been busy sewing, but I can’t show you what it is just yet!

Something BIG came into our lives today….


This bus has been something we have wanted to do for a very long time, so when we got the chance to buy her we jumped at it. She is already partly converted to a motorhome and a lot of the major purchases are already taken care of. We still need to do a lot of work but hubby is very capable.

We are going to start a blog especially for our bus adventures, when we come up with a name I will share the link here in case anyone is interested.

I promise I will stick to my regular creative content on this blog!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Giveaway Day winner!

Hi guys,

I know, I said I would leave it open for a week but obviously I didn’t read the rules properly. Today is the day to announce the winner!

Giveaway winner

After a bit of stressing about how to count the comments – silly me forgot to figure out how to number them before I published the post….I counted them in my email program.

And the winner is – Belinda from Seventh Sphere! Congratulations Belinda, I will be popping you an email shortly!

Thank you so much to everyone that commented and also to those that have started following my blog or facebook page! I am totally blown away by the response I received and I am very sorry that I couldn’t reply to comments on the giveaway post. I try to reply to all my comments on every other post though so please come back!

Also thank you for the great ideas of what to make with the fabric too, I have saved myself some and I think I might make an apron!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog if you are new! Feel free to have a look around!

I thought I would giveaway some of my favourite fabric….that I haven’t been game to cut into yet! I just can’t decide what to make, placemats or potholders???

SMS Giveaway 2

There is a mix of fabric here – Riley Blake Chevrons and the Michael Miller kitchen print. But they match perfectly!

SMS Giveaway 1

The kitchen print is so retro – I love it!

SMS Giveaway

In the bundle is 1 metre of the kitchen print and a fat quarter of each of the chevrons – green, navy, orange and yellow. These measurements are Australian so that is a bit bigger than a yard and the fat quarters are a bit bigger than the American!

To enter I would like to know what you would make for your kitchen with these fabrics?

And my followers, either here or on Facebook can leave a second comment letting me know how they follow me!

I will post worldwide and I will draw the winner a week from today!


For more great giveaways head over to the giveaway pages on the Sew Mama Sew blog, there are loads there so you might need a cuppa and a couple of hours!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Tulip Purse

I spent so much time thinking about whether to make a small purse or clutch and what type and pattern to use that I nearly didn’t make one at all!

But after writing my last blog post I though ‘what is wrong with me? Just do it!’

Tulip purse

So here is the Two-hour Tulip Purse. I made the smallest size which is so cute and will make a really nice little girls purse too!

Tulip purse front

I used a Joel Dewberry print for the main fabric. And used a self-cover button.

Tulip purse inside

This bag went together really easily and it probably did take only 2 hours. My time was spread out though with interruptions for dinner and bedtime.

Tulip purse back

So there you have it – a lovely little evening purse.

It got a work out last night for the engagement party. It is so small I couldn’t fit my wallet in it so borrowed my sons wallet. But it was great not carrying my bulky handbag around, it actually felt a little strange. It was a great night!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bee blocks and ponderings…

Hi all,

I am still here, just doing a lot of thinking and not a lot of sewing! Thinking or pondering really is counterproductive!

I did get these bee blocks made though -

Bee block 1 for April

This is called Evening Star. A great paper pieced block!

Bee block 2 for April

This one is Lucky Pieces. Both are for Bronwyn who was queen bee for March in the Ausmod Bee.

And I have finished another block for the Afternoon Delight quilt. It only took a month, need to get back into these!

Afternoon Delight block 7

And what have I been thinking about? Well, I am wondering if I have time to make a clutch for the engagement party this weekend – but I fear I have wasted too much time thinking about it!

I have been thinking about how to rearrange my sewing space and fit it all in, I really need to pull everything out and sort it out. But that will be a huge task, so will have to wait until I have more time LOL

I am worrying about how to help my kids so they don’t fall behind at school. My grade two-er is struggling to keep up, he is supposed to be getting some extra support but until that happens I wonder what I can do to help.

Oh, the worries of being a creative mum!

On a side note – I feel awesome today! Smokin’ hot LOL I had my hair done this morning and it is the best haircut and colour I have had in years. And she straightened it for me, something I have never done before and I love, love, love it! Tomorrow I am going to buy one of those things!

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