Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playing with quilt as you go


I have been inspired to try improv quilt as you go…see here and here! I actually just found those pictures but I wanted to give you an idea of what I have been seeing around blogland and pinterest.

Hotpads 1

I thought I would try some hotpads first…they were something I needed too, so you know two birds with one stone!


I was also trying to do a bit of scrap busting…but I am afraid to say that I didn’t even make a dent!

Ipad cover

These led me onto something else we needed which was an Ipad mini cover. This time I used some trims and featured some selvedge's.

Mini Ipad cover side 1
I used elastic at the top, an experiment in the search for something that won’t scratch the ipad when it is pulled out. I think it works but I do need to make it a bit tighter.

Mini Ipad cover side 2

I made an effort not to make the cover too girlie but apparently I failed. I did add some V8 fabric and boys playing with rockets but no, not good enough! LOL I love it though!

Mini Ipad cover side open   
That is one thing I can tick off my list for this quarter. So I will link this post to the Finish Along when the linky opens!

FAL 2013

Bye for now, Jess

Friday, July 19, 2013

Progress is being made


I have been making some progress on a few of the quilts I am working on. The first one is a long term project…I work on these while we watch TV, at the moment we are watching our way through the Star Trek Voyager series so I am getting some serious stitching time!

Afternoon delight block 6

Block 6 of the Afternoon Delight quilt by Sue Garman.

Afternoon delight block 8

And block 8.

Next up is the Easy As ABC QAL over at Blossom Heart Quilts.

abc blocks

I have made D now but E is still to be done, hopefully this afternoon I can get E finished.

And finally my quilt for Christine’s scrap challenge. She gave us a bag of scraps and we have to turn them into a mini quilt, we can use some of our own fabrics too. All I have added is the brown and red solids.

Scrap challenge mini 4 blocks

This is going to be a mini scrap vomit quilt. My squares are 1.5” cut size so 1” finished. Four blocks down only about 14 to go!

I am getting called to make Vegemite toast by my sick little guy so I better get back to my no. 1 duty!

Bye for now, Jess

Saturday, July 13, 2013

One night a month


One night a month I get an evening off to go sewing! I go the the local PWS Sew This and That and I work on my Double Wedding Ring quilt.

DWR cutting

I have been going since February and have only missed one night because of sickness, so that is 5 nights so far. It has taken this long to get the cutting finished. 1154 pieces for the insides of the arc and 580 ends for the arcs. I only work on this quilt on my one night off and for about 2.5 – 3 hours.

DWR test layout

This time I took my sewing machine along so I could start sewing! There are 254 or 288 arcs, it depends what size I end up doing but so far I am aiming for the biggest size. I am using the Marti Michell templates and so far it has been a breeze!

This is my “no pressure” project! I am not in a hurry to have it finished so I am enjoying taking my time and not feeling any pressure!

Bye for now, Jess

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My plans for Quarter 3 of the Finish Along


I have decided to add some older projects to the list this quarter. To try and tick off some of those projects that would other wise just keep hanging around.

First up though is the Marti Michell BOM.

American Beauty top

I found this half finished apron, how hard is it to make an apron? well this is no ordinary apron.


I haven’t touched this since before we moved to this house, which was before kids….so probably 9 years! Time to finish it!


This skirt was supposed to be made for last summer. Well that season came and went, maybe I’ll finish it for this summer.

Stitchery mini

I have had trouble deciding how to quilt this gorgeous stitchery….I think I have a plan now, so hopefully I can finish this.

Convergence top     
This small convergence quilt is half quilted but my thread kept breaking so I gave up for a little bit….I will try using my new setup and see if that works better.

Pure Mini top

This is a small Schnibbles quilt that I made a couple of years ago, I just need to quilt it.

Scrap challenge mini 
Christine has organised a scrap quilt challenge and the quilts are due to be finished in September so I need to get moving on this.

Ipad cover

And finally a cover for our Ipad mini. I also plan on making a matching pouch to carry extra things. 

This seems like a lot, 8 projects and I may not get it all done but I will try to stay focused (LOL who am I kidding?!). I am also working on long term projects too – a double wedding ring quilt and the Afternoon Delight quilt.

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Bye for now, Jess

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finish a Long 2nd Quarter Wrap Up

I guess in Australia we would call this the Term 2 wrap up…that is how I remember when each quarter is starting and ending. Well, it works for me! LOL

So, way back in April I made it my goal to finish 4 quilts.

engagement ideas progress

1st up was the Triangle Engagement Quilt, really I couldn’t think of a better name?

engagement quilt

Tick – that baby is done and dusted!

Sneak peek

Next up was this little sneak peek of a secret WIP…

Clowns Choice back

Well, here is the back just to prove that it is indeed finished! I can’t show you the front yet but seriously I love the back almost as much! (Don’t let my dodgy photography fool you, she is perfectly square!)

The third quilt was the Wonky Star Space Quilt which I post about yesterday.

wonky star space quilt front

We know that got finished too.

American Beauty top

I am sad to report that my American Beauty top has not been touched. So this one will be carried over into next terms Finish a Long.

I guess 3 out 4 isn’t too bad. Anyone else singing Meatloaf here? Maybe I am the only crazy one!

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Bye for now, Jess

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wonky Star Space Quilt

Hi all,

The finish along for this quarter is wrapping up and I will do a wrap up post but I thought this quilt deserved a post all of its own!

wonky star space quilt front

Most of the blocks in this quilt were made by the girls in the Bee In Oz group that happened back in 2011, I filled it out with a few blocks of my own and the screen printed rocket.

wonky star space quilt rocket

The rocket is one that I designed and screen printed with the direction of my sister in law. The FMQ around the rocket is what has kept this baby in the cupboard all year, very sad I know.

wonky star space quilt ring of stars block

This is one of my fav blocks, I think there is a tutorial for it on the net somewhere. It is a 12” block so those little stars are just that, little!

wonky star space quilt star in a star block

Another fav is this star in a star block. The little astronaut guy is so cute and that fabric is my fav space fabric! One of those lucky finds, I have never seen it again but fortunately I got enough for the border.

wonky star space quilt back

The back incorporates some left over fabric and the signature squares that I asked the girls to sign for me.

wonky star space quilt label

It really makes the quilt that much more special!

wonky star space quilt on bed

Here it is on my littlest boys bed, where it was going to stay but apparently it is scary….so it has found a home on my oldest boys bed!

Quilt stats

Size – 88” x 64”
Fabric – Lots of starry night type fabric for the background and a lot of Kaffe Fassett and bright prints for the stars.
Pattern – no set pattern just wonky stars in different sizes.
Blocks made by Bee in Oz girls and myself, put together and quilted by me.
Started March 2011 and finished June 2013.

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Bye for now, Jess