Friday, August 30, 2013

Melody Miller pouches

Hi all,

Firstly, I just want to thank everyone for their really understanding and encouraging comments on my last post. I feel like I am in a much better place now!

Today my littlest fella was home sick and not happy about it. He was so upset that when I rang kindy to let them he wasn’t coming they could hear him crying in the background….the problem was he missed his first excursion – they all walked to the local library for a visit and tour. A big deal for a little guy!

Anyway, this gave me a free morning…no excursion to help with and home with a sick child – what would I do?

pouches cut out

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this picture…BTW I am “scrappynhappy” over there if you want to follow along. Let me know if you are there and I will follow you too. This is some pouches that I cut out over a week ago and didn’t get to finish at the time. I cut into my precious Melody Miller panel for these!

pouches side 1  
I used the Noodlehead Pouch tutorial for these, I love that tute! For the little one though I made it smaller than the smallest one so it is very cute! The larger one here is actually the middle size in the tute.

pouches side 2

Doesn’t the clock look cool? I’m not sure what I will use the large pouch for now, I was going to use it as a clutch for the wedding I went to last Friday but it wasn’t made in time. The little one is already in my handbag with my asthma puffer, panadol, bandaids and lippy in it, all the things a girl needs at the ready!

pouches insides

The inside fabric I got at the local PWS, they have it in a few colour ways too. 

A couple of days ago I cleaned up my cutting out table, which is a bit of a dumping ground for left over fabric, patterns and books. So I feel a lot more motivated to sew now….next on my list is converting an old pair and a new pair of long pants into shorts and repairing an old pair of shorts for the littlest fella. Summer feels like it is here already and it is still winter until tomorrow! I also have this months Ausmod bee block to make yet and I need to finish my scrap challenge mini…better not make my list too long!

Thanks for reading,
Jess ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

lost that lovin’ feeling

Hi all,

I have to admit that for the last few weeks I have completely lost the “blog” loving feeling! I have had no desire to read blogs or do my own blog posts….

I can’t really explain why, maybe it is just that I have a lot going on in my life that has nothing to do with my blog and creativity. Maybe I should share more about my real life but I notice when I do posts that aren’t sewing related readers lose interest so I don’t know, I kind of feel like what is the point. If all blogs are sugar coated versions of our lives are we really inspiring each other or just putting ourselves and others under pressure to be “perfect” when that concept just doesn’t exist.

Not that I expect answers but - Do you want to know more about me, what makes me tick or should I just stick to the creative stuff?

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done this month, a skirt for a wedding that I haven’t taken a photo of and a pouch for my partner in the Sweet Pouch Swap, I will share pics of that when my partner has received it.

I will leave you with a picture of one lonely little block from the Afternoon Delight quilt.

Afternoon Delight block 5 
Sorry for my rant….


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A skirt is finished

Hi all,

I have finished another of the projects I had on my finish along list for this quarter.


This is a skirt that I started last summer and never got around to finishing. I needed to add the zip, finish the waist band and hem.

Skirt 1

It looks a bit boxy here but it looks okay on. I wore it last weekend with black tights and ballet flats.

Skirt 2 
It has a couple of pleats at the front as well as pockets. The fabric makes it a bit hard to see the details. It is just some patchwork fabric that I bought at spotlight when they had one of their sales.

Skirt 3 
The back is nothing special, just some darts and a part in the hem.

It was quite an easy skirt to make, the zipper instructions were a bit hard to understand and I think that is why I stopped last time. But I might make this skirt again one day, although I tend not to make the same things over and over.

Bye for now, Jess