Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Sew!

Hi guys,

This week I had huge plans to work on and hopefully finish this quilt -


This is my mini quilt that I was/am hoping to enter in the modern mini quilt challenge….will have to see how it goes now.

This is what has been happening instead -


Welcome to my home….excuse the mess! Over there beyond the fireplace is a mountain of tiles, they are getting laid now!


This has all happened rather quickly, considering that the tiles have been sitting there for about 18 months, on Monday life was happening as per normal and Tuesday it all went haywire!

Not that I am complaining, it is going to look AWESOME!

I will show some proper before and after photos next week, I think it will take a few more days yet. I am missing my sewing machine though, but I literally can’t even get close enough to touch it! Might need to do some hand work…

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fobs and Facebook

Hi all,

I have finished my quilt for the Name Game Swap….I think I will give you a little sneaky peek!


I gotta say I love how the binding looks!

Yesterday I was getting ready to do some sewing on a quilt I am making for the Modern Mini Challenge and realised I didn’t have the right coloured thread soooo I made these instead -


Aren’t the elephants the cutest?!


I joined Facebook last week, not sure weather that deserves a “yay” yet….are you on? My link is over there on the right somewhere please come and check me out!

The best things about facebook so far are – 1) The groups, I have joined a couple of quilting related ones. And 2) Pinterest….I was devastated (Sadly this is true) when I tried to join Pinterest a month ago and found out you had to be on facebook.

The worst things about facebook so far are – 1) it is really confusing, and I don’t class myself as technologically challenged but I am finding it really frustrating so I am borrowing a couple of books from the library (my favourite place). And 2) I think I am spending more time on the computer than what is probably necessary. 

So the jury is still out…if you are on facebook how do you find it?


Lastly, my boys went “flower hunting” yesterday and gave me this little arrangement!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

A little block love!

Hi all,

Well a lot has been happening here – we all ended up sick with colds, the car is not going anywhere for at least another week and to top it all off the washing machine died….It must be so expensive for people who don’t have “Mr Fixit” hubbies, we were able to get the part half the price off ebay and hubby fixed it himself. I am glad I married Mr Fixit – maybe that is what I will call him from now on LOL

Anyway there has been some sewing happening…I have nearly finished my Name Game Swap quilt but I won’t show you yet because I think my partner is on to me!

But I will show you the blocks I have done so far for the Marti Michel BOM I am doing at the local PWS.


I am seriously loving my fabric choices – a bit if Sandi Henderson Secret Garden and a bit of Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 and some solids to calm it all down…and some random fabrics from my stash too.


This is block 1 which is actually last months block.


And block 2 which we did last night. I am really enjoying my night out once a month…gives me a break from the bedtime routine which has really turned into a nightmare I don’t know how to fix.

Also there is one other thing that is super exciting happening but I can’t tell you yet….you will be the first to know!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

This and That

Hi all,

I feel like this week has flown by…filled with drama.

Our car has died, this is quite a problem for us because we only have one car and we live 15 minutes drive out of town so it is too far to walk or ride anywhere. Fortunately we live in an almost commune with hubby’s family so we are able to borrow a car to get to school and other important places while we work on fixing the cars engine.

TP is on his second day off school. He started running a high temperature with headaches early yesterday morning – like 3am ugh. He seems to be a lot better today, not so hot and he has a bit of an appetite again. Hopefully the rest of us don’t get it.

Anyway, what do you do to entertain sick kids?

I just go with whatever they want to do, TV, movies, colouring in….today they wanted to do some glueing.


BW is doing collage and TP is making red submarines in the blue sea.

I am looking at a book I borrowed from the library -


This book has some great blocks and ideas in it! Might have to try a few of them and it might be one to buy!

And I have been working on some things for my little shop -


These should be listed soon!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally some sewing

Hi all,

After a week of not even wanting to look at my sewing things I finally sat down and did something.

I worked on the quilt for my partner in the Name Game Swap…

Just a sneak peek in case my partner is looking! I am still deciding how to do the name…applique, stitchery, faux applique…I don’t know.

TP needed a library bag for school so I whipped up one today for him.

He picked the fabric out a while ago and I was waiting to use it in something just for him.

The pocket should have been deeper but I was trying to keep the robots upright….Anyway he says he hates it, maybe he will feel differently tomorrow.

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