Monday, February 20, 2012

Fobs and Facebook

Hi all,

I have finished my quilt for the Name Game Swap….I think I will give you a little sneaky peek!


I gotta say I love how the binding looks!

Yesterday I was getting ready to do some sewing on a quilt I am making for the Modern Mini Challenge and realised I didn’t have the right coloured thread soooo I made these instead -


Aren’t the elephants the cutest?!


I joined Facebook last week, not sure weather that deserves a “yay” yet….are you on? My link is over there on the right somewhere please come and check me out!

The best things about facebook so far are – 1) The groups, I have joined a couple of quilting related ones. And 2) Pinterest….I was devastated (Sadly this is true) when I tried to join Pinterest a month ago and found out you had to be on facebook.

The worst things about facebook so far are – 1) it is really confusing, and I don’t class myself as technologically challenged but I am finding it really frustrating so I am borrowing a couple of books from the library (my favourite place). And 2) I think I am spending more time on the computer than what is probably necessary. 

So the jury is still out…if you are on facebook how do you find it?


Lastly, my boys went “flower hunting” yesterday and gave me this little arrangement!

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Lisa said...

I like facebook but wouldn't say I'm in love. It's really good for keeping up with friends who are far away. And good for getting in on special offers from some quilt shops! I'm sure you'll love Pinterest once you get going there! And I love your flowers.

Teresa F. said...

I like facebook but I give it very little use.

Oops-Lah said...

I joined FB because of Pinterest! That's the only reason. I've used now it for a couple of month, and I'm slowling getting the hang of it. The best thing is that I get to "spy" on the my kids ;). Mind you, my youngest still didn't accept my invitation to become my friend. Will have to work on that a bit more until he cracks!

Katy Cameron said...

Love those ellie key fobs!

I used to spend way too much time on Facebook - my OCD meant I felt I had to read everything that had been posted since I last read, but I really didn't have the time for it, so I rarely use it now,

Love the wee flowers!

Sue SA said...

gorgeous flowers from your boys, how special - much better the a bunch from the shop!
Thanks for the tip, I tried to join Pin interest and stopped because I wasnt interested in being on facebook....I already spend way way too much time in blog land, so dont need another distraction!