Friday, January 31, 2014

Where did January go?

Hello to my dear readers...are you still there?

I do know where January went, it was swallowed up with school holidays and everything that they come with....the beach (such a great afternoon), bowling with friends and the movies (Frozen). This week school started again and my youngest started prep, he is enjoying it but comes home tired and it is kind of meltdown central for a bit. I'm sure things will calm down as the new routine is gotten used to. My oldest is now in Grade 3 and seems to be settling in ok, he loves checking in on his little bro at lunch time.

Midnight at the Oasis - Churn Dash block

So what have I been doing creatively? I have been steadily working away at the Midnight at the Oasis quilt and hopefully will be able to share a pic of the finished appliqué border very soon. I did a tiny bit on the double wedding ring quilt, not much to take a picture of yet though.

On the weekend I went to my local patchwork shop and did a class that included a kit with the fabric, so although I am doing the fabric diet I am not counting this because I paid the deposit back in early December.

We started with the batik fabric that is dyed in Bali. Then the cutting began!

It is actually a really simple quilt to make. Basically it is a cheater bargello pattern.

I finished the top the next day with sashing and the final border. It is a really good single bed size quilt, maybe verging into double bed territory even. So, now I just need to get some backing fabric. I am thinking about selling this one when it is finished so if you know someone who likes this look send them my way!

Speaking of "Fabriholics Anonymous" - other than the above fabric I only made one other fabric purchase this month and that was to add to my little collection for the commission quilt I plan to start soon.

Now that I have this Blogsy app you might hear from me a bit more often as it is a lot quicker than turning on my laptop and sorting out photos from different devices.

I think that's about it for now!

Jess :)


Test post

Hi all,

Just testing out blogsy before I do a proper post with more photos.

Cheers, Jess


Friday, January 3, 2014

WIPs and UFOs

Hi all,

This year I am wanting to focus on my ever growing pile of WIPs and UFOs. It worked out well that this is also a major part of the Fabriholics Anonymous challenge.

WIPs - The projects I am actively working on at the moment are the Midnight at the Oasis quilt and a double wedding ring quilt.

2014 active wips collage

I also have a commission quilt that I would like to start in February once school is back in.

violets quilt fabric tuned

Now my list of UFOs is pretty extreme….I am a starter! Unfortunately not so much of a finisher it seems but I hope to change that this year. 

2014 unfinished quilt tops 
Finished quilt tops that need to be quilted and bound.
- Convergence quilt. Half quilted but had thread issues, can be finished now thanks to Jane lending me some similar thread from a different company.
- Star quilt. Needs quilting.
- Big block quilt (can’t remember the proper name). Needs quilting.
- Marti Michell quilt. Quilting is done and now needs to be bound.
- Pure Schnibbles quilt. Needs quilting.
- Owl quilt. Needs quilting.
- Baltimore quilt (not pictured…also my oldest UFO at approx. 7 years old). Needs quilting.

2014 UFOs 
Unfinished quilts.
- Blocks from Ausmod bee 2013. Need to be put together.
- Polaroid blocks. Swap 2012/2013. Need something done to them, not sure how I will finish them yet.
- Josephs Coat QAL 2009. Need to be finished but unsure how to finish them off as the QAL was never finalised.
- Mariners Compass quilt circa 2009. Need to finish the appliqué.
- Afternoon Delight quilt 2013. Continue working on the appliqué.
- X and + blocks from QCA bee 2012 and swaps 2012/13. Need to be put together.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me…and I am pretty sure that I have missed a couple of things. Not to mention the quilts I would love to start too!

Bye for now,
Jess :)