Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally a finish!

Hi all,

I have finally finished something! YAY!

It is only small quilt, a table topper or placemat. The block is called Big Little George and the tutorial is from Lily’s Quilts.

I had to try this one, it is paper pieced and has curves! I thought finishing it square looked a bit boring so I made it octagonal!

Can you see the quilting? I had a play around with it. I did my standard scallopy look in the centre and used a new design for the outside, from The Free Motion Quilting Project,  it is called H2O.

I have been inspired to pull out the blocks from my month in Bee in Oz…

Sorry for the bad photo. This is what I had early yesterday…. I have added more blocks but haven’t put the pictures on the computer yet. I hope to have the blocks all joined together very soon and then it is border decision time!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Do me a favour?

Hi all,

I thought I would be crazy a put a quilt in this weeks Quilting Gallery contest….

This is the quilt – some of you might remember it….

It is called Opposites in my backyard.

It is designed for kids and has 3 sets of opposites with removable tags for each set.

Please vote for me! Go here and see all the others too!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi all,

I have been feeling a little uncreative the last few weeks. But I think my mojo my be returning! Yay!

Today I thought I better get to work on my block for August for the Bee in Oz.

I made a sample first….

This is called Interlocking seasons and the tutorial is here. The original and my sample are 12.5” square.

This is the actual block for August…

This is 22” square. So HUGE! This is going to be a very dramatic quilt! I have to say I love this block but it is quite complicated and I needed to use the trusty “reverse-sewer” more than once.

Here is something else I have been working on…

This is from Homespun Vol. 11.5, such a funky design by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches deserved to be finished. I used Make Life fabric for the piecing.

What a fabulous hat - Holding all the essentials for your sewing room!

I love the price of the fruit, if only things were that cheap! I do love her red stripy long-socks though!

I know it isn’t technically finished yet but I am still celebrating!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

One project is never enough!

Hi all!

Do you find it difficult to work on one thing at a time? I do.

I vowed to just work on the blue and cream quilt but I have been lured away by other tempting ideas! I will show you some but first an update on the blue and cream quilt…

Here is a mountain of broken dishes! Not sure how many, I would guess half of the required amount so probably about 100 or so!

This how they go together. A four patch unit (these 4 aren’t sewn together yet) this is the dark colourway and I need 15 of this block.

This is the light colourway and I need 15 of these too.

I haven’t started joining these blocks together yet but I put these on the design wall to help keep me motivated and to see how the colours work together.  I like it and I think it will look quite scrappy when it is finished.

Now on to some distractions….

This is the top for a kite wall hanging. The tutorial is from the Moda Bakeshop. I have used the mini charm pack of Little Apples and some fabrics from my stash.

This is a wall hanging I am working on for my uncle who was in the Queensland Ambulance for quite a few years. I am sort of designing this as I go along!

I also dabble in dressmaking every now and then. I picked up this fabric at Spotlight and I am thinking view C. I will have to see how I go with time management!

I know there are other things I am also working on but maybe it is best not to confess too much!

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