Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi all,

I have been feeling a little uncreative the last few weeks. But I think my mojo my be returning! Yay!

Today I thought I better get to work on my block for August for the Bee in Oz.

I made a sample first….

This is called Interlocking seasons and the tutorial is here. The original and my sample are 12.5” square.

This is the actual block for August…

This is 22” square. So HUGE! This is going to be a very dramatic quilt! I have to say I love this block but it is quite complicated and I needed to use the trusty “reverse-sewer” more than once.

Here is something else I have been working on…

This is from Homespun Vol. 11.5, such a funky design by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches deserved to be finished. I used Make Life fabric for the piecing.

What a fabulous hat - Holding all the essentials for your sewing room!

I love the price of the fruit, if only things were that cheap! I do love her red stripy long-socks though!

I know it isn’t technically finished yet but I am still celebrating!

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Oops-Lah said...

Wow, you've made up for those "uncreative" weeks, that's for sure. The Interlocking Seasons block is stunning, but it does indeed look very complicated. And your stitching is beautiful; how do you keep the stitches so even?

Anonymous said...

That interlocking block looks amazing. eGreat effort!

Anonymous said...

Hope you find your mojo, it gets sometimes like that.
I love the block you have made and it would make a stunning quilt.

Very cute embroidery too.
Take care

Karen said...

I love that interlocking block, have to give it a go sometime

Sue said...

OH my that is beautiful can't wait for it to arrive at my place. I love your original size block too very pretty.
I'm off today to make a block myself cause I want 12 I will add a picture to flickr when finished.

Janet said...

I think I'm going trhough that funk too. What a block, it'll be an amazing quilt. Love the cinderberry stitchery.

Elyte said...

That block looks quite complicated, well done. Your stitchery is very cute and colourful. It seems to have been a non productive time for quite a few of us but looks like we are back. Yay!

Sue SA said...

The block looks amazin and very complicated, so glad you made it big, cannot wait to see it finished! Stitchery is lovely, very cute, its worth celebrating milestones as well as finishes otherwise its too long to wait! Happy quilting, Sue.