Friday, February 17, 2012

A little block love!

Hi all,

Well a lot has been happening here – we all ended up sick with colds, the car is not going anywhere for at least another week and to top it all off the washing machine died….It must be so expensive for people who don’t have “Mr Fixit” hubbies, we were able to get the part half the price off ebay and hubby fixed it himself. I am glad I married Mr Fixit – maybe that is what I will call him from now on LOL

Anyway there has been some sewing happening…I have nearly finished my Name Game Swap quilt but I won’t show you yet because I think my partner is on to me!

But I will show you the blocks I have done so far for the Marti Michel BOM I am doing at the local PWS.


I am seriously loving my fabric choices – a bit if Sandi Henderson Secret Garden and a bit of Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 and some solids to calm it all down…and some random fabrics from my stash too.


This is block 1 which is actually last months block.


And block 2 which we did last night. I am really enjoying my night out once a month…gives me a break from the bedtime routine which has really turned into a nightmare I don’t know how to fix.

Also there is one other thing that is super exciting happening but I can’t tell you yet….you will be the first to know!

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Danny Heyen said...

THose are pretty colors you used!

Sue SA said...

Sorry to hear about the washing machine, it's the second most important thing after the car! Well perhaps third, sewing machine is vital! Your blocks look great. Seek advice from professional re bedtime dramas, everyone needs to have an easy slid into bed, especially when you are all ready tired.

Teresa F. said...

Sorry to ear about your sickness and broken machines. You are very lucky to have Mr. Fixit I only have a Mr. Breakit.
I love your Marti Michel blocks, the fabric choice is great!

Oops-Lah said...

Now you really made me curious ;).
I too love the colours of your blocks; very striking indeed. I do hope the bad streak is over soon but I'm glad your hubby was able to sort out the washing machine. Nothing worst than not having a washing machine. I rather don't have a car than not be able to wash.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Love your blocks and the colors. Shame about your name game swap partner being onto as I would love to see more :O) and you are lucky, I dont have a Mr. Fix it, I have a man that makes things harder than they need to be that sometimes it is just easier for me to get in there and do it!!! Unless it is computer related ... I nave no idea there!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are all feeling better, yes I have married Mr Fixit it too.

Love the blocks and have paid the deposit for our retreat, yeeppyyy

Elyte said...

Lovely work Jess. Maybe with all your bad luck you should buy a Tattslotto ticket. You are due some good luck.

Narelle said...

Lovely blocks and your night out sewing once a month sounds perfect.

Quiltjane said...

Every household needs a Mr Fix it. At least your sewing machine is working and you can make those beautiful blocks. I love the fabrics too.

Unknown said...

very nice colours, you have done well

hueisei said...

I loves the colors.. The second block is very pretty...