Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This, that and a handbag!

Hi guys,

I have had an exciting week that has ended with me not being able to talk :( Shall I start at the beginning?

We have had a bit a of a cold go through our house and I thought I was over it, apart from a cough which always stays with me for a long time. So, on Friday Mum and I took a trip to Ikea. It was awesome! I have been once before but it was mums first time. Got some chairs and bits and pieces but I don’t have any photos to share yet.

Then we headed to DFO for a late lunch and a look around. The foodcourt has an open roof and we got frozen while we ate. Not the best for my chest!

Mad quilters loot

Time for a picture?

The next day was Saturday. We had planned to go to the Mad Quilters Gathering and I had the opportunity to meet a couple of the Ausmod bee girls soooo I pushed myself and went. Maybe it was a bad decision but I was feeling okay apart from the voice packing it in and I really had a great time.

I couldn’t resist the loot that is in the above picture. The fat quarter pack is Cruiser Blvd from Riley Blake, such great boy fabric! Lucky I’m not on a fabric diet LOL

And I did get to met Catherine and Kirsten. It is fantastic when you get to met people that you know through blogging and bees! I was so happy to be able to meet both of you!

The other high-light was getting to play on a HQ Avanti 18” quilting machine. It was a dream to use, my stippling was so fine and I could even do flowers and leaves! I found out that you can hire the machine in the shop for a day and quilt your own quilt….I am really thinking about doing that!

Anyway, on the way home mum said that my voice was getting worse and by the next day I couldn’t talk at all. So I have been to the GP and he gave me antibiotics for a chest infection and I am feeling a bit better but still not able to talk much. But I did feel like doing a little bit of sewing today….

Tulip purse 2 front

I made another one of the Tulip Bags. This time I used Simple Life and Red Riding Hood, they work together perfectly!

Tulip purse 2 button

I love the button! I can never quite tell if the design is going to be centred or not, but I think this worked out beautifully!

Tulip purse 2 inside

And a cute little pocket on the inside! It is a gift for little girl so she should like it, hopefully.

Well, I have been a bit chatty today, thank you to anyone who has kept reading!

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Oops-Lah said...

Oh poor you! I hope you feel better soon. It seems you had a nice weekend never the less. And what a cute little bag you made. I just love that fabric with the apple tree. Great idea to hire a long arm machine once in a while. Is it affordable?

cat and vee xoxo said...

I'm so sorry about your chest infection, you poor thing! It was so great to meet you on Saturday, so I am (selfishly) glad you were able to come along. You bought such great stuff! - I love that popcorn flannel fabric. And I love your little tulip bag, it's so sweet. The button and pocket are perfect, and so is your fabric placement on the front. Hope you are feeling better and back to normal soon. (ps how good is IKEA! - I've only been twice as it's quite a hike, but I just love it).

Susan said...

Chatty without having to utter a word, hey! I hope you are feeling better soon! Making that pretty bag would make anyone feel happy! It's adorable!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

It is totally adorable Jess! So totally jealous you got to meet Cat and Kirsten, and hoping you get better soon!

barcord said...

The little bag is so pretty. Any girl would love to own it. Even an old girl like me. Take care of that voice. You wont always be able to chat without saying a word. xx

Kirsten said...

Love your bag Jess - such cute fabrics! And it was lovely to get to meet you too. I must have missed the stand that had the long arm as it would have been wonderful to try it out.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Love the bag Jess. Hope you are feeling much better super soon. hugs

Nilya said...

ohhh this is pure cuteness!!!

Mara said...

Hope you get better soon , love the loot and the bag is darling!

Anonymous said...

Love the bag - very cute. Hope you feel better soon

Elyte said...

Hope you are feeling better. That bag is very sweet.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you are doing better. Ikea is fun!