Monday, February 8, 2010

Finishes and Shopping! Don't we love both!

I have been keeping pretty busy!
I have finished 2 book covers, the inspiration came from Jenny's blog. She made a book cover out a tea towel and it looked great. So here is my version, I back-stitched the writing and accented the focus circle a little. Need I say I am very happy with the result!

I have also finished the 2nd block for Homespuns 2010 BOM. I am eagerly awaiting the next issue!

I am finding that I really enjoy doing stitcheries, I will have to add to my thread collection pretty soon though because I am using the same colours in all my projects. That will be a fun shopping trip! Speaking of which........

I purchased these lovely fabrics today, I made a conscious effort to get boys fabric. I have boys and yet when I am shopping I end up with girls fabric because it is sooo pretty!
The shop was really fab, I googled patchwork shops in Brisbane and it came up, this was a while ago so it has been on my must visit list for some time. Do you want to know where!?
FUNKY FABRIX, in Mitchelton. It is well worth a visit! and they have a website if you follow the link!
If you happened to be there and saw a frazzled lady with a screaming child - that was me! Boys must be programmed before birth to hate shopping!

I have also been doing a joint quilt (with my mum) for a baby shower this weekend. I will show some pic's later as it is not quite finished. I will give you a hint - we have used a Dinosaur Uproar layer cake!

Well you know the drill,
Don't worry be happy,
Jess ;-)

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Elyte said...

You definately have been busy and that block looks gorgeous. Your boys will be very happy with those lovely fun fabrics. I on the other hand have not picked up a needle all week - but soon!