Friday, May 14, 2010

Yipee, I finished something!

Yahoo, I have a couple of finishes to share!
All I need is inspiration to strike and I'm off and running!

First up is a mug carrier. My mum has been saying for awhile now that all the girls at sewing class say she needs a mug carrier. And when I saw the free project download in this months Homespun I knew I had to whip it up.

Mine looks a little different - my printer isn't printing so I read through the instructions and other than writing down the cutting sizes, I made it from memory. My memory is not the greatest (since having kids LOL) so I have attached to pocket differently.
The other obvious difference is the stitchery. I got this one off Natalie Lymer's blog, Cinderberry Stitches. It is a free design for a needle case.
I also used a Cosmo marble thread, this is beautiful thread to stitch with!

This is a BIG mug carrier, it will fit a monster size mug, which I think mum appreciates because we both love a big mug of tea!

My second finish is a peg basket. This also has a bit of a story to it.
My washing machine has been on the fritz for a couple of weeks so far, and still waiting to be fixed. So I have been doing some washing in both my Mum's and my mother in-laws machines.
I noticed today while hanging out my washing on MIL's line that her peg bag was in a very sad state. So I came inside and looked through my tea towel pile and found a pretty one that I didn't want to use in the kitchen because it would end up stained and gross.

It was so easy to make, probably only took half an hour. Because of the directional embroidery I had to cut the tea towel up, but if you used a plain tea towel you could make it a lot quicker with no cutting.

I used velcro across the top. The stiffness of the velcro should hold the top nice and flat.

These have been done after mothers day too!

One last thing, the Monica Poole trunk show.
This was quite good, Patchwork Angel put it on and supplied the models (who did a great job). Her clothing range is very nice and has quite a few beautiful and versatile pieces, I loved the Salsa and A-line skirt pattern (the pics on the pattern don't do the skirts justice), the tunic and jacket are both beautiful and the vest was lovely too!

Next up is the Quilters Trail Muster at Gatton this Sunday! We are going to leave early and have a family picnic breakfast at Kilcoy on the way out, it should be great and you will hear about it next week!

Be happy,


Oops-Lah said...

Good for you for starting and FINISHING a couple of lovely projects - and here I am reading blogs and surfing the net instead of being creative ;(

Marjorie said...

I hate to sound dense...but I think I'm a cultural conundrum. In the US, a purchased hot drink (aka Starbucks) might come in a paper cup, needing a cardboard sleeve to keep from burning off your fingers when you drink it. I thought that was what you were talking about. But on closer inspection, the mug is empty. So, that suggests that you are taking your personal mug with you to any event in which a hot beverage (tea) might be served, on the assumption that your host doesn't own teacups?

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the clarification that you left on my blog. That makes sense. Around here, classes I've been to are clearly BYOB. You'd probably laugh at the number of insulated 12-16 ounce "to-go" mugs in my cupboard. I will include a mug carrier in my list of things to pack if I ever make it to OZ....

Elyte said...

HI Jess, very cute mug bag. I have never done any of Natalie's patterns but I do love her little birds. Very thoughtful to make the peg bag for your MIL.

Jude said...

great looking mug bag, your mum should be very happy.

Anonymous said...

As per normal both items are excelent. Love the idea of the peg bag out of a tea towel.

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

Lovely mug carrier - you always use such pretty fabrics. The peg bag is good too. You are really on a roll. I was hoping to get to Gatton this weekend on my own but it isn't going to happen, however I am hoping to get to Peachester in two weeks, And there is something on at Bribie too. Now to find the time.

Anonymous said...

Love the mug bag and peg bag too, I hope you had a good day at Gatton today. I didn't get there, always something to do, hm must make more time for me.


Kelly Rachel said...

Yay, congrats! I love that little stitchery from Natalie as well. It's sitting partly done in my stitchery box. (I'm not a big finisher unfortunately!)

And the tea towel idea is awesome! I would SO love to make one for my Mum too. Her peg basket is completely falling apart. Thanks for the fantastic idea.

You must live near me...I'm not far from Gatton! I had no idea there was a quilty thing there yesterday or I would have been along in a flash! *Pouting*

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

For starters ~ I love the title of your post. I, too, am knee deep in unfinished projects. Secondly, I love the sewing projects. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey@bountifully said...

your beg bag is fabulous, thanks for the tip to visit you blog, it is lovely xx