Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last minute

Hi all,

It seems the tables have turned. You see it used to be hubby who would spend the day before a trip setting up his radio gear instead of helping me pack.

But not this time….

It was me doing last minute sewing. Making up hair brained schemes to keep the kids occupied in the back seat. Will it work? Probably not, but it stops me worrying about how I will cope with 4 hours of screaming, arguing or whining children. We are going to Bundaberg for a couple of nights, relaxing (I can only hope) and visiting friends (for sure)!

This is my take on the pencil roll, which there are so many tutorials for it is not funny! Kellie from Don’t Look Now actually has done one in the latest Homespun mag.

It is a clip board buddy. I made 2 and they hold 10 pencils and 2 matchbox cars. I used 2 straps of button-hole elastic and buttons at the top, so hopefully because it is adjustable it can be used on many occasions. (Don’t you love the beginner handwriting? So cute!)

Now I need to print out some colouring pages.

Have a good weekend and remember - Be happy,


Amelia said...

Cute clip board buddy! I hope you have a wonderful time away!!

Elyte said...

Great idea Jess, hope it works and makes for a quiet and enjoyable trip.

Kelly Rachel said...

Hey, what a great idea. I hope it does keep them entertained. And with any luck, they'll sleep most of the way! And I do love that beginner's handwriting, so very cute. :)

Oops-Lah said...

It's very inventive, your pencil holder/clip board buddy. I'm sure your boys will be sitting happily and playing THE WHOLE TIME ;). Have a great weekend and I hope you do get to relax! Vreni xx

Narelle said...

Very clever idea!