Thursday, May 19, 2011

A forced hiatus!

Hi all,

From today until about Tuesday I will be taking a break from the internet, it is a forced hiatus but I am viewing it as a time to focus on the more important things. So hopefully we will have some fun family time, some housework will get done and I certainly hope some sewing will happen too!

So I am going to ask you a favour! If you are blog surfing and happen to see that I have won some giveaway somewhere (wishful thinking I know) can you let them know I will be back next week! I will also have a new email address when I come back so any emails that get sent to my current address will be lost forever. I will update all my online accounts as soon as I am back.

But before I go I thought I would share a couple of things. On Tuesday I went to a sewing day at Christine's, which was fantastic. It was so nice to sit back for a couple of hours and relax! There where six of us there including Jane and my mum.

This is what I worked on. I haven’t touched this quilt for ages so it was nice to pull it out of the cupboard.

Jane also hand delivered some goodies I ordered from her shop.

These are so beautiful! Terrain is gorgeous and Hometown is a bit more masculine and I love the text prints. I love anything Sweetwater!

I made this little pouch for Jane. It is the first zippered pouch I have attempted so I am quite happy with it. I used the Make Life fabric range. For more pictures check out Jane’s blog, I forgot to take a photo so we can thank Jane for this picture.

I will catch up when I come back online, until then -

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Oops-Lah said...

Have a good "time out" and I'm looking forward when you come back. I'll certainly let you know, if I see your name pop up somewhere ;). Please let me know your new email.
PS: Love your new project, it looks very intricate. Vreni xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you get lots done, I think I might have to do the same , maybe once the next Doll swap is done.

Less reading and writing and more sewing. Thanks for coming Tuesday and I will sort out another day soon.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Enjoy your respite from the computer! I will keep my eyes open for anything you may have won and let them know to send it to me - lol! Just kidding. Love the pouch you made!!! And the applique is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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