Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stash Building!

Hi all,

I don’t always blog about what I buy at the local or not-so-local patchwork shops….maybe it is buyers guilt or maybe I don’t want you to be envious!!! But tonight I feel like sharing!

october 2011 028

First up I have the 2 fabrics I bought at The Fabric Palette. I seem to still be collecting space fabric which I am using in the wonky star quilt. And I could not go past the kids stripe at $5 a metre! That is a huge discount, like 75%! I got all 10m’s, I am thinking quilt backing, kids totes, all sorts of kids stuff!

october 2011 026

This is what I got at the Quilters Shack….there was actually so much to look at that I found it hard focusing so ended up just getting fat 1/4s. I love text fabric so I had to get them, and the others just caught my eye.

On Sunday I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane. I went with my SIL Debbie and had a great time! It was pretty quite, we didn’t feel like we were fighting for space, and the quilt display was very inspirational!

I didn’t take any photos because I forgot my camera. But I was wondering are we allowed to take photos?

october 2011 020

I went with the idea of getting a few specific things…Cottage Garden threads were on the list and I picked up 3 shades to try out. They look so good!

They were also the only thing on the list to get ticked off!

october 2011 022

I found a fat 1/8th bundle of Spring Street, which I have loved since first seeing it. Random fat 1/4s and some Little Apples. Oh, and there is some natural twill tape with measurements on it – love it!

Plus the book, which still needs a good going over. But I love the tent on the cover!

We both bought a pattern that had been sold out, so I should be getting that in the mail very soon.

This Friday is Teacher Appreciation Day….so I have been making a little something for TP’s teachers. I’ll show them to you soon!

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Oops-Lah said...

hahaha.. but I understand completely! I also don't always post about all my sins (read fabric shopping). With me it's definitely guilt!! But you've done well with some great bargains. What are you doing with the variegated threads? They look delicious ;).

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Quilt shops can be sew much fun! Enjoy your goodies!

Narelle said...

Some lovely buys there from my 'local' shops and great finds at the craft fair too!
Have fun!