Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Biting off way too much!

Hi all,

I seem to be starting a lot more than I am finishing…I think it is a disease.

It all starts with some new reading material…

November 2011 006
I borrowed Sarah Fielke’s book from the library, it is a great book! I am considering buying this book just because the foreword is so inspirational!

Natural Patchwork is a book I borrowed from my SIL Debbie, it is full of beautiful projects and some fantastic bags! Which is what this panel if hexagons is for….

November 2011 011

This will be the front or back of one of the bags. I have pieced these on the sewing machine using a Marti Michell template that happened to be the right size, don’t you love it when that happens?

November 2011 004
This pinwheel is something I just had to figure out. I suppose it is a bit naughty, we saw these quilts at the craft show and asked how they were made, the man showed us a special ruler that cost $15 which really isn’t too bad and I nearly bought one. But I thought it looked easy enough to figure it out on my own and here is what I came up with.

I used some leftover squares from a Happy charm pack and some yellow out of my stash for the border, it isn’t finished yet as I am still deciding what to do next on it.

November 2011 003

Also playing with the same set of Marti Michell templates…this is for another mini quilt for my mum. The segments are called uptown (or something like that) and tumbling blocks.

November 2011 008

The Starburst Quilt pattern is one I got from the craft show because when I saw it on display I loved the block. Since then I have seen it again in blogland called Swoon, exactly the same block except different size.

Hooterville….what can I say. When I saw this pattern a while ago on the Material Obsession blog I knew I wanted it and then last week mum told me she had ordered some stuff from their shop and I said “quick ring them and put the Hooterville pattern on your order!” – saving me postage you see!

So, as you can tell my to-do list is getting way tooooo long!

Before I go I want to ask you – do you like rainbows?


I have seen this done in the US but never joined in. Now Lilabelle Lane is starting up a swap for us Aussies and Kiwis! Go and check it out if you are interested – more players are needed!

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Anonymous said...

You must have paid way more attention than I did at the Craft Show! How cleaver are you! Love it all, wish retirement was closer!

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to say CLEVER lol. That is what happens when you are reading your emails while burning tea.

Jump Creations

Oops-Lah said...

What a great post! I think we have very similar taste! I also adore Sarah Fielke's new book (got it from here:, no postage). Then I fell in love with Hooterville as soon as I saw it. I want to order it as well, but I don't have any wool or felt, so I'm not sure. You did very well with the pinwheels. I got the ruler a while ago and only used it once. I'm also very good at starting new project, but finishing not so ;(!!!

Janet said...

I love those two books too and why not have fun with new things! I know how inspirational the projects are.
Love the starts and the cake on the blog button, I've seen the recipe for it.
You're not naughty with the pinwheels, there are tuts on how to make the template in blogland and make it. You can't copyright technique anyway.