Sunday, December 4, 2011

Something is finished!

Hi all,

I have been desperately wanting to start another quilt, I have most of the fabric sitting on my cutting table tempting me, but I thought I should try to finish some other things first.

December 2011 021
These are the placemats from the Colour Block Placemats and Napkins Sew-along. I finally quilted them and spent one night on each one doing the binding.

December 2011 023

With the matching napkins. I used DS Quilts fabric and the white is from the Sunkissed range.

December 2011 001

This is my wonky star night sky quilt. I got the girls from the Bee in Oz to make me a block each and I added some more to make it bigger. And the rocket is my own design that I screen printed with help from my SIL Debbie.

December 2011 015

This has been sitting on my table for months patiently waiting for borders. I scrappy pieced the first border with left over starry night fabrics, I didn’t want any of the star points to touch the red border so I extended the sky.

I love the fabric that is the last border…on the selvedge it says “Doki-doki Kids” printed in Japan. It has the cutest astronauts and space ships.

Now that the top is done I need to think about backing and quilting, it might take a bit longer yet – this is always the slow point for me!

I wonder what I can start now! Hmmm, maybe I should finish some more stuff….something new is very tempting though!

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the placemats....awesome quilt top...

Oops-Lah said...

Well done! I love your place mats. That's also something on my "to do list". I'm always planning to make Christmas ones, but I guess it's too late for this year yet again. And your wonky star quilt is absolutely fantastic. I love the rocket in the middle; it takes the quilt to a whole new level.

Lisa said...

Love your starry night quilt, it looks just wonderful all together. Those blocks were such fun to make. Your placemats are very cute too!

Katy Cameron said...

Love the placemats, but that starry night quilt is so cute! Love the rocket and the variety of stars

Elyte said...

Love the wonky star quilt and that little rocket just off centre looks perfect. Well done.

Narelle said...

Those placemats are so pretty and summery and love the matching napkins.
Great quilt top too! Well done on your finishes.

Kirsten said...

The placemats and napkins are so lovely Jess!

Danny Heyen said...

That quilt top is great!

I saw we were in the same Flickr pool, so I thought I would stop by and say 'hello'. I love your blog! I'm sure you won't mind, but I decided to start following to see what else you create! Come stop by my blog. If you like what you see, follow me! I love followers!


Quiltjane said...

Wow, i love the placemats and serviettes. You have been very industrious. Cannot wait to see what you have next.

JanuaryT said...

What a cute boy quilt! I have some space fabric that I have been wanting to use and that would be perfect! Great job!! I popped over from the Japanese x and + swap and I'm excited to follow you and have a look around your blog. Your a woman after my own heart - Jane Austen is my fav! I heart pride and prejudice :) she was a woman ahead of her time! I think I'm going to have a cup of earl gray and a slice of pumpkin bread or cranberry bread and watch it tonight!
Hope to talk to you soon. January T

Debbie said...

I can't believe you had this blog and I did not know! I look forward to reading it and seeing what lovely things you create. You are very talented.