Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What a week!

Hi everyone!

I have done a few things in the last week but it has been pretty slow, we have been and still are a bit sick.

TP picked up tonsillitis from somewhere nearly 2 weeks ago and bought it home to share with myself and hubby…the youngest had a skin infection on his shin that is now looking really good and is pretty well cleared up. TP has still got some fluid behind his ear drum that we are waiting to dry up and I am trying to clear a sinus infection…the lesson here is that kids and bugs love each other!

Anyway, before I got sick I met up with Jane for coffee! It was great catching up….BTW if there is anyone reading who lives on the North side of Brisbane - Jane is starting up a Modern Quilt Guild for us, so exciting! Let me know if you want some details and I will give Jane your email!


Lookee what I got! Jane had some early release precuts of Sweetwaters’ new range Sew Mama Said….how could I resist! I LOVE Sweetwater!


And 2 charm packs of 30’s Playtime…so pretty and vintagey! I have plans for these – I just need more time!

I managed to get some blocks made for the second round of the Japanese X and + block swap.

x &   blocks round 2

I kinda cheated and made 2 sets of 6 nearly identical blocks…I am trying to conserve time and I figure there should be enough peeps in the swap for no one to end up with two of my blocks.

And I have been working on my items for the QCA Handmade Swap…here is a sneak peek!





I am worried that it is not enough….is that weird? I just don’t know…

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Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

It is that time of year where everyone is sick in some way .. yuck. Hope your household picks up soon, I think we are hitting the middle of it ...ie .. three ppl down three to go! Loving that FQ bundle and looking forward to seeing what you do withthe charm packs. I have two also and need some inspiration. hugs

Tracey @ The Peony Teacup said...

Oh Jess, it's definitely "enough"! It's so pretty, and I love how you've used that gorgeous Ruby print! Your swap partner will be thrilled, and if she's not, I'll take her down for you!

Oops-Lah said...

I remember those times well when the kids were small and they brought ever "bug" home going around. The pediatrician told me that an average kid gets 30 infection before he/she is 6 years old, and then they will stop. I didn't believe him, but he was right. After the age of 6, they hardly ever got sick any more, so there's hope ;).
I love your new fabric, yum!!! And I love the X blocks you've made as well as the sewing kit. I'm sure, who ever is lucky enough to get it will be very happy. I would be! xx

Elyte said...

Despite all the hiccups you have managed to get a lot done. I like what I see for the Handmade Swap. Lovely.

Ellie-Mae said...

You x and + blocks are lovely. One day I'll make one of these quilts, one day.