Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retreat Round-Up Part 1

Hi Everyone,

If you ever get the chance to go on a crafting retreat…go for it!

I had such a great time, sewing all day and nearly all night! The only time we stopped was for meals, and we were assigned one meal each so most of the time we kept sewing until we were summoned to the kitchen to eat….it was fantastic!

I think what also made this retreat good was the small number of us there. Last time I did a retreat, a year ago for one night, there had to be 20 ladies there and it was squishy and clicky. This time there was only 5 ladies so we were like one group, everyone was included in conversation and I love that!


We stayed at The Circle Retreat in Buderim, near the Sunshine Coast. And way too close to Patchwork Angel!


This is my corner of the table! We had a good amount of space each, no pushing each others stuff off the table!


I started and finished this quilt top! To get this done in a weekend is amazing!


I made a start on Hooterville…this is the branches drawn up on paper ready to transfer onto the black linen.

I have more to share but I will have to take photos first…I was too busy to take photos most of the time.

BTW. My boys behaved really well while I was gone. And the one that I thought would miss me didn’t and the one that I thought was all good rang up crying a couple of times…kids, you just can’t pick which one will cope and which one won’t.

And they only had takeaway 2 nights out of the 3!

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Khris said...

oh oh oh I so love your owl quilt and yes retreats are such fun aren't them...hugs Khris

Oops-Lah said...

What fun you had. I totally agree that it's much more fun to go with a small number of friends to these retreats. The quilt you've made is lovely and I can't wait to see how your "Hooterville" is unfolding. Are you making it in wool?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great time also, the mall number made it great and that is how I would try and do it again.
Glad you and Mum had a good time.

Sue SA said...

OMG to start and finish a top at retreat is a great achievement....l must talk too much! I like the idea of just 5 people, more room and easy to cater for!

prsd4tim2 said...

Sounds like a lovely and productive time away. Only slightly envious...

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Oh a whole weekend of sewing! Heaven! Love your owl quilt :o)

hoysie said...

Yes as much as you love them, kids and Hubby really get in the way of a good sewing session (ha ha ha). I love the layout of your top particularly the dark corners, really effective.

Deidre said...

Just remembered to look at your blog. It was a great weekend and looking forward to another one.