Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am crazy about Scraps!

Hi everyone,

I have to admit that I am kind of crazy when it comes to scrap collecting….I have shoe boxes, drawers and shopping bags full of scraps!

Probably only half of these scraps are actually from my own projects, I have adopted scraps from my mums stash and multiple friends stashes too!

Today I came across Bonnie Hunters new leaders and enders challenge….Tonight I have started preping!

Leaders and enders prep

I love leaders and enders! It should put a dent in my scraps (hopefully) and it feels like you are making two quilts for the price of one!

Now, what do you do with those little triangles that get cut off when you are making Flying Geese and similar units?

Well I know it is crazy but I save them….I have heaps of tiny Half Square Triangles sewn together from the X and + blocks.

And I have some from the QAL we are doing at the moment….

Scraps used

This is a block I made with the HST’s I made from leftover triangles from Jess’ Pieced Star blocks. Plus a couple from an earlier block too. The corner squares are cut from the scrap rectangles from my St Louis Star block.

This block will be 8.5” finished. I think I will hold onto it and see what other scraps come out of this quilt!

Nothing is wasted!

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Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Jess that is gorgeous! I've been keeping all my HST scraps too (as well as from swoon...) A couple of scrappy cushions would be awesome to go with the quilt - you have motivated me to use up those scraps when I get time :o)

Oops-Lah said...

Your scrappy block looks lovely! I already knew you are a scrap lover ;)! I've become rather ruthless nowadays and a lot of scraps end up in the bin!!
BTW, I've finally started with the QAL (at least I've printed all the block info out and sorted the fabrics out. It's a start, isn't it?)

FarahLin said...

Love your scrappy block! Thanks for sharing the leaders and enders scrap challenge link - a great way to start using those scraps now!