Monday, March 25, 2013

Good times

Hi all,

I feel like the excitement is back! I have had a really difficult 4 to 6 weeks with some family issues and it really made me sad, mad, stressed and tired. And it killed my enjoyment of sewing…I really didn’t do much at all.

But I really feel like the excitement is back! Yay! I am wanting to sew, to make new things and finish old things too. The pouches were the first things I have really wanted to make for a long time and it felt good to be able to run with that desire to create!

Text fat quarter swap

This arrived today, which definitely added to my joy. My bundle of 24 fat quarters of text fabric! This is from a swap I joined on Flickr. I love them! A great array of low volume prints and some great colourful ones in there too!

Afternoon delight month 1 part 2

These are such happy little blocks – the last two blocks for month 1 of the Afternoon Delight quilt.

Afternoon delight block 1

Technically this is block 1 – although it is my 4th applique block. I finished this one at sewing day on Saturday, it has taunted me for a couple of weeks so it is a relieve to have it made.

Afternoon delight block 2

And the same story, this is block 2 although it was the 3rd applique block I made.

I am skipping around a bit but trying to do one month at a time, otherwise I will get completely confused!

Today was the meeting for the North Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild, it was lovely to sit and chat and I started one of the blocks from month 2.

I think being able to meet up with friends over the last few days has also really helped me to get back in the swing of things. To see other people being creative makes me want to create too!

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Waverlee said...

Love that bundle!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

I'm so glad you're feeling a bit happier Jess - that is an awesome bundle of texty fabulousness!

Loving your appliqué blocks, too :o)

Anonymous said...

Love those fabrics and I am so pleased to read you find joy in sewing again.
Everything will work out, chin up my friend :)

Deidre said...

Your blocks are stunning. Glad you are back to sewing as you do such a wonderful job. Keep stitching lovely lady. x

Susan said...

Life can throw some curve balls that zap the joy from our days! I hope the pouches and your beautiful Afternoon Delight blocks, in some small way, have made you happy and enthused for more sewing!

Oops-Lah said...

Lovely fabric and lovelier blocks ;)! Good to know that you mojo is back. Happy Sewing!

Janet said...

I so know where you're coming from. I'm glad you got your sewjo back, what a wow job you've done with the applique. The text fabrics are fabulous.

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Glad things are looking up for you and your sewjo is returning! Nicely timed with that new fabric goodness!

Your blocks are looking fab!

Newbie Jen said...

Jess, those blocks are a real delight!

I hope your days stay happy from now on!