Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My plans for Quarter 3 of the Finish Along


I have decided to add some older projects to the list this quarter. To try and tick off some of those projects that would other wise just keep hanging around.

First up though is the Marti Michell BOM.

American Beauty top

I found this half finished apron, how hard is it to make an apron? well this is no ordinary apron.


I haven’t touched this since before we moved to this house, which was before kids….so probably 9 years! Time to finish it!


This skirt was supposed to be made for last summer. Well that season came and went, maybe I’ll finish it for this summer.

Stitchery mini

I have had trouble deciding how to quilt this gorgeous stitchery….I think I have a plan now, so hopefully I can finish this.

Convergence top     
This small convergence quilt is half quilted but my thread kept breaking so I gave up for a little bit….I will try using my new setup and see if that works better.

Pure Mini top

This is a small Schnibbles quilt that I made a couple of years ago, I just need to quilt it.

Scrap challenge mini 
Christine has organised a scrap quilt challenge and the quilts are due to be finished in September so I need to get moving on this.

Ipad cover

And finally a cover for our Ipad mini. I also plan on making a matching pouch to carry extra things. 

This seems like a lot, 8 projects and I may not get it all done but I will try to stay focused (LOL who am I kidding?!). I am also working on long term projects too – a double wedding ring quilt and the Afternoon Delight quilt.

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Bye for now, Jess


Janet said...

I'm cheering you on and I have a confession. I started that same stitchery and mines not even a top yet.

Oops-Lah said...

Great plans Jess! The Schnibble's quilt is very familiar as I have the mini version right next to my computer. I still love it and it's still used every day for my coffee!

Anonymous said...

At least you are making a list