Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching up!

Hi all,

I have had a pretty productive week or so, not much real work and kids started back at school this week. So I have a few things to share. Actually I think this quilt was finished a week ago I just hadn't taken photos!

It is a Convergence Quilt from the book by Ricky Tims.

I am calling mine "Up the garden path" because I used a garden path panel for one of the corners. I had so much trouble quilting this top, I started quilting it about a year ago and had heaps of thread trouble so I gave up. This time I used good quality thread and still had a lot of breakage, I tried 3 different threads and gave her a good clean, oil and needle change but I still had some breakage so she has gone for some pampering. But I did push on and finish the quilting before she went away.

I figured by the time I got the inside quilted that I had wrecked the quilt so I thought I would try something new for the border. I actually did feathers....Yay! I did a wavy line around the middle of the border with feathers on the inside and straight lines on the outside. I wish the border fabric wasn't so busy so you could see it better. I am so happy with how it turned out! The quilt actually looks okay! Just don't look to closely at the back ;)

On Sunday I decided to make a dress for one of my friends little girls. I picked the fabric, checked what size she wears and got stuck into it! The pattern is Pinny #2 by Make it Perfect.

On Monday all I had left to do was sew on some buttons and button holes. The strap is supposed to the thread through the button holes and tie in a knot to secure it but I decided to use a button for extra security. I also did some extra top stitching just because I love the look and I french seamed the whole dress - I am totally in love with french seams! It means I don't have to use the over locker and they look so neat!

Somewhere in there I also go the checker board border sewn onto the Midnight at the Oasis quilt.

And this morning I put together the first block of the last border. It is 1/8" too small so I will adjust the seam allowance on the rest...only 43 blocks!

I think that is it for now!

Bye, Jess :)



Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Wowsers Jess, you've been busy! Great work on the finish and the dress (cuuuuute!) and I adore your MATO so much. You're inspiring me to get a move on with mine :o)

Oops-Lah said...

I've already admired that little dress on IG. It's really cute and the fabrics are so lovely. All the other things you've worked on a great too, especially your finished quilt. Well done.

DeborahGun said...

so glad you finished the 'Up the garden path' quilt despite all the difficulties with it. And your MATO - so much work but it looks amazing :-)

barcord said...

Your up the garden path quilt is lovely Jess. The dress is so sweet. One little girl will love it. You have been busy.

Wendy said...

Wow Jess, you have been so busy, lots of gorgeous quilts and the dress is so pretty!

Anita said...

Love it!