Sunday, September 26, 2010

The winners have been drawn….

Hi all,

So this is how it happened,

little fingers did the random name drawing!

This gorgeous little assortment of things…..

Is going home to Creative Dawn!

And because I got over 50 comments I decided to do a second prize draw, so this little set…..

Is going home to Samelia’s Mum!

Congratulations you guys, I hope you enjoy them! Make sure you email me your addresses!

Be Happy,


Oops-Lah said...

Congratulations to both winners!

Amelia said...

Congratulations Creative Dawn & Samelia's Mum!

Wendyb said...

Congratulations guys....a lovely win! And thanks Jessica, for having a great giveaway!
XXX Sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

barcord said...

Congrats to both winners. Thanks Jess for the fun and excitement.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
Thank you very much!!! Congratulations to the winner of the second prize!! Whoohoooooo! I love that purple and blue fabric! blue/purple thread/ribbon!!! Thanks again! I did email you my snail mail addy!!!

XUE said...

Congratulations to both winners! And thank you for having this giveaway!