Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reverse sewing….

Hi all,

Just letting you know I am still around! I have been franticly working on my entry for the Sew This and That Quilt Challenge….

But don’t you hate it when this happens? Luckily I hadn’t quilted too much before I noticed – otherwise Vreni might have heard me saying naughty words all the way over in Singapore!

So out came the ‘reverse sewer’! Anyway, it is nearly finished so hopefully I can reveal all very soon!

Another major thing happening right now is our renovation. The kitchen is in, but because we are trying to do most of it ourselves it is taking time…

Here is a sneaky peek of the kitchen for you! I love the recipe book holder, it is a anniversary present from my folks, we have just passed the 10 year mark!

Have a great week and be happy,

Ps. If anyone is waiting for updates on our little goslings – unfortunately silly mama goose built her nest too low and it got flooded in all the rain we had a few weeks ago. So there will be no goslings just yet. Never mind, nature taking its course and all that, apparently she should lay more eggs early next year so we live in hope.


Oops-Lah said...

First Happy Anniversary! Wow 10 years, that's quite an achievement nowadays, isn't it?
I had to laugh about your reverse sewer. I take it you mean the seam ripper. Mine is my "best friend", and unfortunately I have to use it all the time ;(. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on. Looks intriguing. Vreni x

Anonymous said...

Just love a kitchen re-do! We did ours 3 years ago & I am still searching for just the perfect things to add special touches. Your book holder is great! Happy Anniversary too!
Can't wait to see the completed quilt. No worries about the reverse shows you have talent & you are with happy company.
I'll pop-in again, to catch some more.