Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pantry shelf mats

Hi all,

I have been busily crossing things off my list. Today I want to show you my pantry. I LOVE my pantry!

We have been renovating and have put in a new kitchen and built in part of the hallway to make a walk in pantry. This is my fantasy pantry!

We painted it all with Dulux 101 which is apparently the best paint you can get. Colour is Pebble Bay.

To stop cans and what-not sticking to the shelves I made shelf mats. I used “Cherry Baby” and “Cherry Toss” by Lakehouse Drygoods for the tops and “Tapestry” in black for the backing.

The best thing about these is that I can throw them in the washing machine when they start to look grubby and then use them again…over and over!

What have you been doing this weekend?

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Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's besutiful! I do love an organized pretty space!
xx, shell

Penny said...

That's a great idea! Love your pantry :)

Oops-Lah said...

You are posh ;) I have never even heard of pantry shelf mats. Good idea though as you won't get any unsightly stains on your shelfs which can't be removed. Love your pantry by the way!

Marjorie said...

BRILLIANT! This makes so much sense. For what it's worth, I think you are a genius. I have an old cloth napkin that I use under my cast iron pots (stored in the back of a cabinet) so it doesn't mark/mar the paint. If my pantry was this pretty...I might have to make some for myself.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I looooooooove your pantry. How fantastic are your shelf mats. What a wonderful idea. It's so lovely and tidy.

At the moment, mine is more of a throw and close the door quickly type of pantry. Must do a stock take. I'm sure I'll find things in there which expired in 1998.

Tracey@bountifully said...

Pantry love! What a fabulous space, and mats, my word, loving that idea,

Janet said...

I used to have a big shelf pantry like that years ago, gee, I miss it. I could fit so much into it, now I have a piddly wee one so I'm a bit envious. I just love the shelf mats.

Anonymous said...

Your pantry is great and I love the idea of the mats. We had all our new appliances delivered and now have to get on to the bench tops, it never stops


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Oooh pantry mats - what a fabulous idea - I would love to have a pantry - my parents had one built when they built their extension and it's so pretty. We have a room we call "out back" where everything gets dumped which is kind of an overflow pantry too with shelves with pasta and spices and pickles etc on but it's not pretty and I don't keep it tidy and it has no pantry mats!

Elyte said...

Great idea Jess. They add some lovely colour to the pantry.

Narelle said...

I can only dream of such a lovely pantry.
Great idea for pantry shelves.

barcord said...

Great pantry. Great idea for the mats. Love it all. A little bit green eyed!!!!!

Brooke said...

That is MY dream pantry too!!! :-) Since I go in my pantry a hundred times a day, I'd love for it to be big, spacious, inviting, and organized. Those mats are almost too cute to set cereal on. :-)