Saturday, February 5, 2011

That’s my diet out the window!

Hi all,

You may have noticed on the side of my blog a button that says “Fabric Diet”. Well I have been on it since the beginning of the year, and doing really well I might add. But things happened that are way beyond my control…..

Sew this and that flooded jan 2011
The flooding of my local patchwork shop. Which led to this…

You can read the particulars on their website. The fabric was a fantastic price (for aussies anyway) and I felt bad buying it that cheap, although some had slight marking from dirty water and the dark fabric next to it bleeding.

Kaffe, glorious Kaffe! I could not leave it there on that shelf!


A gorgeous Mary Engelbreit panel and other assorted goodness!

And a nice stack of fatties to build my stash up! Does it need building up? I am finding I have gaps in the rainbow, here’s to filling them in!

I hope all our quilty friends in north Queensland faired okay in Cyclone Yasi. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

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Perri said...

How sad for your local patchwork shop :-( But, great for you :-))
Happy stitching, P

Oops-Lah said...

I think you did a very "good deed" in helping your local shop to get rid of the damaged goods so they can order new stock. Well done ;). Vreni xx

Ivory Spring said...

Jessica, dieting is over-rated. :) Love those fabrics!!!!