Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Hi all,

It hasn’t all been good here over the last few days…well month really. But we will talk about this weekend and there are good bits!

It started out with me having to pick TP up from school early on Friday afternoon, the class had been on a trip to a farm and he had started vomiting on the way back to school. He stopped doing that Friday night but he has been really off colour all weekend so he will be home from school tomorrow. So far the rest of us have stayed okay so hopefully we won’t get it too.

TP is always bugging me to make playdough so I thought that might be a nice quiet activity for them, it keeps them both busy for hours – the key is not to make it too often! I use a great recipe that doesn't require cooking on the stove. Here is a recipe.

I think that is enough “keeping it real”.

I have also worked on a couple of projects.

I finished putting together the top of the Schnibbles Plan C quilt this afternoon. Now I need to sort out some backing.

I have made some progress on the Mug Rug for my partner of the Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2. Just working on the tea cup and trying to make it how it looks in my mind.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your little one, I do hope he is feeling better and none of you are getting it.
Love the quilt top and the Mug rug too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love the quilt and the block. You did a great job. Hope your little darling gets better quickly.

Elyte said...

I hope TP is feeling better. It's so hard to see your children unwell. On a brighter note lovely quilt yummy pinks and browns. These mug rugs are perfect for a bit of designing, go for it!

Oops-Lah said...

I love your mug rug! And your Schnibbles looks very familiar! I've got your mug rug (or mini quilt) right next to my computer for when I have my cup of coffee in the morning. I still love it, especially the colours.
Hope TP will feel better soon, at least you are far away from Europe and don't have to worry about about that.

Wendy said...

Your quilt and mug rug look amazing - such beautiful colours! Hope TP is feeling better.

Barbara said...

It's amazing that you get comments written on 6th when it is still 5th with us. Your quilt is smashing and the mugrug is lookin good too. Sorry about your wee soldier being sick. I'm sure he is being very brave. Had a tum bug last week, so know how miserable it is. Thankfully all well here. Hope he is feeling much better. luv B x x

Karen said...

Ooo I love your mug rug! I'd better start working on mine soon. Have ideas floating around in my head but you can't put ideas in a post-pak.

Wendyb said...

Aw Jess, nothing worse than a sick household.....hope the germies stay away from the rest of you and all is on the up and up soon!
Love the schnibbles and the teacup has turned out beautifully! Well done Chicky!!!!!
sugary hugs and take care
Wendy :O) XXX

Quiltjane said...

You have a tough few weeks, your hubbies ribs, sick children. Things can only get better. I love your schnibble quilt and the mug rug you are making. Take Care.

Brooke said...

Thanks for that reminder about homemade play doh. What a great idea for the hot summer months! I'll have to pull that trick out of my bag someday soon! In fact, that would buy me a few quiet hours to quilt. :-)

Love the browns and soft blues in your Schnibble. That pattern is really set off by your lovely fabric choices!

As much as I love working on my machine, sometimes I just crave sitting with some hand work. Your mug rug is quite sweet, and I think the hand embroidery makes it so very special.