Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Holiday Experiment

Hi all,

That is what we are calling it. I guess it was a big experiment – first time in the caravan, first long trip for the boys and first time in outback Queensland.

This was the first stop, Possum Park near Miles. Which is a really nice place to visit, with its bush setting it was lovely and peaceful (until we got there).

Holidays 023

We discovered here that the fridge in the van was not working properly. For the whole trip it would get up to 14 degrees every day so we lost most of the food (the freezer still worked) and had to work around the fridge problem. But this gave me quite an anxiety attack and I was ready to come home that night.

Holidays 025

But we decided to stick it out and keep moving. So we drove on to my aunt and uncles property near Injune.

We had a bit of a farmstay experience here. We watched them work on some of their cattle and the boys got to go for a ride in the truck.

Holidays 032

And they got to explore the dozer.

Holidays 038

Hubby also helped them with a heifer that was having a bit of trouble delivering her first calf. We only stayed the one night here, it would have been great to stay a couple more but maybe next time that will be possible.

When we woke up and tried to take some photos of the homestead the camera wouldn’t work. So we had to quickly buy a new one in Roma and didn’t get to learn how to use it properly so please excuse the photo quality from now on.

This is Historic House in Charleville. Always great to get a bit of a feel for the area, and they had a little quiz style search and find game for the kids.

A bit of the Charleville streetscape. We spent two nights here at the Bailey Bar Caravan Park, did some laundry, had some relaxation time in the middle of the day because it got quite hot and got to see some Bilbies.  They are so cute!

Just to give you an idea of how flat it is out here… just goes on and on. This is between Charleville and Cunnamulla.

The Cunnamulla Fella. A song sung by Slim Dusty. The rose gardens in this little town are fantastic, so beautiful. We just stopped here for a quick lunch of jam sandwiches and some play time for the boys.

This is St George, you can just see the weir in the background. We stayed here at the St George Caravan Park for the last night. It would have been great to stay here for a bit longer and explore the area.

We really rushed this trip, mainly because of the fridge. We did it in 5 nights rather than taking our time as we had wanted. We did a few really big driving days, especially the last 2 days which were 550+ kms each. Considering the big kilometres we did, over 2000kms all up, the boys handled it pretty well.

We found lots of great parks with playgrounds for the boys to play at. The towns we stopped at for some playtime are - Yarraman, Chinchilla, Mitchell, Cunnamulla, Bollon, St George, Moonie, Dalby and Blackbutt. All had great parks and clean amenities.

Sorry there is no sewing to show you in this post….I will have something to show you soon.

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Oops-Lah said...

Glad to hear you had a terrific holiday, in spite of the fridge problem. Lovely photos, especially the ones of your boys. They are so cute.

barcord said...

Your boys are lovely Jess. Sounds like you enjoyed your holiday experiment despite the no go fridge. Hopefully it is the first of many memory making journeys.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got away a little in your holidays, it is always lovely to some time out.

prsd4tim2 said...

Oh, it sounds like such fun. And such vast distances. Glad you had a good time.