Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day

Hi all,

So last Friday was Teacher Appreciation Day for Queensland schools, I believe the other states have this day while we are on school holidays in September….

Last year I made the teachers bookmarks.

october 2011 002

So I thought I would stick with the bookmark theme again this year….actually I googled ‘teacher appreciation gifts’ for ideas and came across some interesting posts. This one has asked her teacher friends the best and worst gifts they have received and I found it really helpful….they do not what anymore chocolate and candy!

I wanted to do the bookmarks a little different from last year, don’t want to become a one trick pony!


I used a free tutorial, which you can find at the Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

The only change I made was to add a layer of heavy iron-on interfacing, that way the bookmark wouldn’t be floppy.


I used fabric that would remind them of Ty – trucks, machinery and motors are pretty much all he talks about!


On the back I used this cool fabric that has Hello in lots of different languages….I got this in a strip swap. Swaps are great for adding fabrics to your stash that you probably wouldn’t normally buy but they really do come in handy!

We also made cards from scrapbooking card and Ty helped write a message and drew each of the teachers a personal picture. I thought it was really sweet that he added that himself.

Now I am thinking about end of year presents! Only about 6 weeks to go, I can’t believe this year is almost over!

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Oops-Lah said...

What fun book marks. I had to laugh about what to give or not to give teachers. Some people are more than strange, aren't they?

Narelle said...

Such a lovely idea :)

Roseanne said...

I do like your book marks they are fab.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Beautiful gifts for the teachers. Yes, I need to start thinking about end of year gifts for teachers too. Time is quickly getting away from me.