Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Throw quilt layouts for QAL

Hi all,

So the idea behind the name of our quilt-along “How far will you go?” implies that you can stop and start at any time…and this is true!

You can do it like that because we have 3 categories for prizes at the conclusion – Twin size quilt, Throw size quilt and Mini quilt or quilted item.

1. Full Twin Quilt (or Single Bed size to us Aussies) Category - 3 Prizes

The main category will be for those who complete the Full Twin Sized quilt (65" x 80"). There will be TWO prizes of a $50 gift certificate for the Fat Quarter Shop, and one prize of a $25 gift certificate.

2. Throw Quilt (45" x 50") - 2 Prizes

There will be one $50 voucher, and one $25 voucher in this category.

3. Mini Quilt or other quilted item - 2 Prizes

There will be two $25 vouchers in this category.

Thank you to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Because I am actually taking a couple of days off sewing…what! Yes I have stopped myself from sewing for a couple of days! This has given me some time to play with a couple of layouts for the Throw Size Quilt….

The Modern Sampler

Quilt for middle category 1

This layout I am calling the Modern Sampler. It is 55” x 60” finished. You could do it without the border if you prefer which would make it 45” x 50” finished.

You can mix and match the blocks to your hearts content, but I will give you a list of the blocks that are in this particular layout.


2 x Clay’s Choice Blocks (10”)
4 x Tippencanoe Blocks (5”)
1 x Dutch Rose Block (20”)
1 x St Louis Star Block (10”)
1 x Susannah Block (10”)
1 x Weathervane Block (10”)
1 x Hayes Corner Block (10”)
3 x Windblown Square Blocks (10”)
2 x Crazy Ann Blocks (10”)
4 x Seesaw Blocks (5”)
1 x Tassel Flower Block (20”)
2 x Pinwheel Skew Blocks (5”)
1 x Pieced Star Block (10”)


The border is 5” wide. So you will need to cut 6 strips 5.5” wide x WOF from your border fabric. Trim off the selvedge's and join the strips together making one really long strip.

Measure your quilt top through the centre to get the length of the side borders – it should be approximately 50.5” but this can vary depending on the seam allowances in the blocks, cut 2 of this length off the strip and sew these on the sides and press.

Measure across the middle of the quilt top to get the measurement for the width of the quilt. This should be approximately 60.5”. Cut 2 of this length off the long strip and sew on the top and bottom of the quilt top. Press and you have a finished top! Yay!

Note: If you don’t want joins in your border you will need 1.75 yards of fabric and cut your strips lengthwise.

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The Traditional Sampler

Quilt for middle category 2

I really love this one! Super easy and also very striking! This quilt measures 50”x 50” finished.

It only has 9 x 10” blocks and I know a couple of ladies are aiming to make one of each block so this layout would be great for them! Again you can use any of the 10” blocks but I will give you a list of the blocks in this particular layout.


Windblown Square
Clay’s Choice
Another Star
Pieced Star
Crazy Ann
Jack in the Box
Farmers Daughter


The sashing is 1.5” wide finished.

Cornerstones – 16 x 2” squares
Sashing – 24 rectangles 2” x 10.5”

Sew Sashing rows x 4

Sashing 1

Sew block/sashing rows x 3

Sashing 2

Then join the rows together to form the top.

1st Border

This border is 2” wide finished.

4 strips 2.5” wide x WOF.

Measure your quilt top through the middle and trim 2 of the strips to the measurement (approximately 36.5” long). Sew these strips on either side of the quilt and press.

Measure your quilt top again through the middle and trim 2 of the strips to to that measurement (approximately 40.5” long). Sew these on and press.

2nd Border

This border is 5” wide finished.

5 strips 5.5” x WOF. Cut 1 strip in half and join one half to 2 of the full length strips.

Using the same method as for the 1st Border, measure and cut the strips. Use the shortest strips first. The length should be approximately 40.5”.

For the 2nd set of strips the length should be approximately 50.5” long.

When these are all sewn on and pressed you have finished your traditional sampler top!

Note: If you don’t want joins in your 2nd border you will need 1.5 yards of fabric and cut your strips lengthwise.

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I would be super happy if you used either of these layouts. But you can also play with it yourself and see what you can come up with too.

We can be a little bit flexible on the size but a throw quilt probably wouldn’t be less than 45” square.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling to keep up or who has not yet started to see that there are other options…it is completely up to you how far you will go!

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Oops-Lah said...

Hi Jess, just to clarify; we can choose which blocks we're making as long as the finished quilt meets the measurements and all the blocks are from the QAL? And does the sashing have to be the same or can we do something else. Please advise. xx

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Oh these are gorgeous!! I'm making the full shebang though!!

FarahLin said...

Great layout, Jess! Your proposed blocks looks beautiful together.