Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just in time!

Hi all,

Today is the last day of term one, so while I had that last bit of quiet time I threw together the March block for the “And Sew On BOM” from Quiet Play.

Spool block

Not loving this block, I think if I was to remake it I would change the fabrics for the large spool in the middle. Not that I am going to remake it, but as you know there are always “ifs”!

Another awesome thing that is happening here is this -

Sewing table part 1

I recently acquired a table and a Janome 1600P, which is a semi-industrial machine, it only does straight sewing which is fine as I plan for her to be my FMQ machine. Although I am going to give her a go at piecing too and see how she goes. She came with a walking foot and a stippling foot and I have used her a lot before – she is my old sewing machine from work and has been made redundant by a newer faster industrial machine. We are old friends!

So we are going to recess her into the table, as I have seen done on other blogs. We have a hole now! I can’t wait to show you it all done!

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Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Your block turned out well! It can be hard picking fabrics for paper piecing as you never know exactly how well they're going to work - and way too much effort to unpick tiny stitches!

Yay for a "new" sewing machine!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Awesome! Have fun reacquainting yourself :o)

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Best thing I ever did was recessing my machine into my table :o) LOVE your block too. hugs

Kathy S. said...

Yeah for being reunited with your "old friend". I love your spool blocks!

Elyte said...

Great block Jess. Picked up my Quilter's Companion with your project. Congratulations on being published.

Sue SA said...

Yah a machine at the right height, set in on the RIGHT side. AND plenty of leg room, so sick of squeezing into the ergo unfriendly but well built Horn cabinet l have!
I love your block, looks fab!

Janet said...

I love the spools but I know what you mean, there's always something I'd change if I did things twice.
You'll have fun sewing with the machine set at the right height, a must fore me cause I'm so short.