Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fete wrap-up

Hi all,

I hope everyones week has started well!

My boss (mum) is on holidays for 5 weeks, meaning her workers are too. Except the customers have my number for urgent orders, and guess what – we were not even through the first week and I got a order, today more got added to it! Ugggh so of to work I go!

Anyway, the fete stuff is made and delivered, hopefully never to be seen by me again!

All up I made – 10 x Pot holders with Insul-bright wadding.

5 x Coaster sets.

6 x Tissue covers with tissue pack included.

12 x Child size aprons.

8 x Calico book bags.

Hopefully it all sells and the kindy makes some money out of it! Pity it can't go towards TP's fees! LOL!

Be Happy,

PS. I've writen this post with Microsoft word – heres hoping it is successful!
Okay - it didn't work quite right, I couldn't get the pictures to load. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Or have any ideas on quicker ways to do a blog post?


Oops-Lah said...

You've done so well! I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will sell (preferably in the first hour ;).

Elyte said...

Well done with all the fete goodies. I am sure they will all find a new home. Can't help with the technical problem. Sorry.

Jump Creations said...

It all looks wonderful, sure it will all sell. When you find out about the word post let me know as I have tried that too and was unsucessful.

Jude said...

Your kindy should be very happy with yor contribution, they all look lovely and I am sure they will be sold in a jiffy.

Jen @ said...

All of the things you made are great! I am sure they will be snapped up!