Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing with hexies!

Hi all,

Do you find that every now and then you seem to get fixated on particular things? For example, at the moment there are 3 things I love the most…. 1. Owls (on fabric, softies) 2. Fabric with words on it 3. anything hexagon!

img_2421 (Modified)
I have had the papers and the perspex template since the Quilters Trail back in April. But you know, even with all the absolutely beautiful inspiration out there in blogland, I still had trouble getting motivated.
But it finally happened yesterday and suddenly a flower appeared…

Too easy! Now I just need to stay in the groove!

I also have a teaser especially for Vreni….

Aren’t I nasty! LOL! We are having a little 2 person swap and this is Vreni’s gift all wrapped up and ready to go.
I can’t wait to post pics but I will wait so that Vreni gets a surprise….until then

Keep an eye out here for my “giving it back” giveaway coming soon!
I seem to be winning a few giveaways at the moment. I would like to share my appreciation for all the generous people out there so I will be having a little giveaway of my own. I won’t give away things I have won because I love them too much but I will think of something to give back!

Be happy,


Oops-Lah said...

You know what: I LOVE surprises!!! I always tell my husband it doesn't matter what he gives me for birthday or Christmas but it has to be a surprise. I know, I'm a child at heart!!! I can't wait till the one from you will arrive here. I probably will be waiting for the postman every afternoon from 3 to 5, that's when he usually comes ;).
Your hexie flower looks lovely. I must warn you though, they are addictive.

Elyte said...

Those hexies sure are contagious. I am sure it is only a matter of time before I catch the desire to make them too.

Narelle said...

Hooray for the humble hexie!
I love how you used a 'word' fabric for the centre.

Lynn Koeppen said...

Oh, I love the way you put Make Life word fabric in the center of your hexies. What size are you making?