Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grocery Totes

Hi guys!

Tomorrow I am going to the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show with my mum. Can’t wait!

So, I have been frantically sewing up a couple of tote bags for us to carry our ‘new things’ in!


I love this pattern, it is a Lisa Lam pattern. What really makes it for me is the shape of the straps! I just love that little curve!


This is the inside of mum’s tote…Chevrons in brown.


And my tote has Chevrons in red….I can’t get enough of these chevrons! I have all the colours that they originally came out with, but there are so many more colours now and different size chevrons too!


These tote’s roll up and have a clip on the side…nice and handy to keep in your handbag! We have some shops here that like to charge you for bags now so these should be great for that! Not to mention that they are so much cuter than horrible plastic bags!

I have a couple more cut out that I am going to put in my shop…I checked Lisa Lam’s website for copyright and it is okay to sell bags made from her patterns as long as you credit the design back to her. So keep an eye out for those coming soon!

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Oops-Lah said...

Lovely totes and very handy too. I'm sure you can put lots of stuff in tomorrow ;). Have a fun day!
PS: Yes, I think it's about time we switch from plastic to reusable bags. When we lived in China, the government decided practically over night that the shops had to charge for plastic bags and even though the plastic bags were very cheap it was astonishing how many people came with reusable bags. It's really a matter of educating people, isn't it!

barcord said...

We too are gradually changing back to the olden days when mum took her shopping bag to the shops. I love those totes. They will be admired. Hope you both have a great day. Barbara.

Narelle said...

Lovely bags and a great idea!
I'm sure you'll find plenty to fill them ... enjoy your day :)

Debbie said...

I love the bikes, and chevrons are to die for! Did you see that sew this n that have chevrons now and Riley Blake? Your bags are gorgeous :)

FarahLin said...

Gorgeous totes, Jess. Have fun at the craft and quilt show tomorrow!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute bags. You can never have enough bags.