Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quilt Fair wrap up!

Hi Everyone,

I went with my mum to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane this week. It was a great day out, just the girls with no kids!

The Qld Quilt Show is always part of the Fair and it is nice to see what other quilters are making. There was really no ‘modern’ quilts on display, mostly traditional or contemporary – not that I am an expert! ;)

Here are some of my favourites….

Quilt show 1

This one got Best Use of Colour (I think). It is so realistic!

Quilt show 2

I have a crush on 1930’s fabric! I also love the pattern, I think I could make this pattern with the Marti Michell Double Wedding Ring template set.

Quilt show 3

I had to show you this one…It is a huge king size. And made by Joanne who is co-owner with her daughter of my local patchwork shop Sew This and That. It won 1st for professional pieced.

Quilt show 4

This one was our favourite from the Redland Quilt Show that I went to a month ago with my SIL. They are 4” blocks, maybe Dear Jane or Farmers something…my memory is terrible. And rather than binding it has prairie points all the way around which look awesome!

Quilt show 5

This one was probably the most ‘modern’ of the quilts. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it is beautiful. And it has 2 ribbons so I am not the only one who liked it!

Quilt show 6

This is the centre piece for a large quilt made entirely from 1/2” hexies. This one was on display at a demonstration stand. I wonder if I can reproduce it using my brighter hexie flowers?!

This year there didn’t seem to be as many fabric/patchwork stalls, there were a lot of scrapbooking and beading stalls. There weren’t many bargains to be had either, there was only one stall selling fat 1/4’s for $3 each everyone else had them for $5.50…still I managed to get a few things!


I have a plan for the fruit fabrics and who can resist text! The ones on the right are from Voodoo Rabbit, some Tula Pink and actually the top fabric was $2 so that was a bargain!


I found a pretty pre-printed Sashiko panel and some thread and needles to give that a go. I picked up some bag hardware and the gorgeous piece of fabric at the front has a lovely purple tone that reminded me of Jacaranda flowers.


And lastly a couple of patterns and a roll of washi tape!

Now I just need an extra, say 4 hours, a day just to sew! Wouldn’t that be great?!

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Oops-Lah said...

Yes, I can imagine that you would love some extra hours in a day, preferably when the boys are sleeping? It looks like you had a great day with admiring beautiful quilts as well as a bit of retail therapy ;).

Charlotte said...

I'm thinking of starting a petition to have a couple of extra hours inserted into the day. They would be ringfenced for sewing only. Interested? ;-)

Unknown said...

I liked that first one too, and how good was the "girl with a pearl earring one'? I didn't take a photo of that one unfortunately. And I loved all the red and white ones.

Unknown said...

I liked that first one too, and how good was the "girl with a pearl earring one'? I didn't take a photo of that one unfortunately. And I loved all the red and white ones.

FarahLin said...

Seeing so many wonderful projects, I wish for extra hours in a day too sometimes. ;)

Wow... Looks like you had so much fun at the quilt show! Those quilts are beautiful - love all of them! Thanks for sharing!

Sue SA said...

Can we have the extra hours all in one I can just sew! Love your loot from the show, particularly the digger/roadworks pattern, looks like fun AND lots of fusible applique is in your future! The nice thing about living in Sydney was getting to see the quilt exhibition in June is a bummer having to wait to November now we live in Adelaide - so thanks for the sneak peek!

barcord said...

lovely quilts. You got a few goodies to help you fill those 2 hours (if you find out how to get them let us all know :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Thanks for the mini quilt show. Great quilts!