Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy times and all that stuff....

This week has been kinda crazy! Racing here and there, working, sewing, the heat!

Anyway, I have managed to get the first bit of the Don't Look Now Quilt Along done. I had to buy a decent compass and then do a few trys to get the circles to cross over perfectly. I am waiting for my local patchwork shop to get my roll of Stitch and Wash in, so I am kind of on hold....

This is some lovely wool felt that I bought this week from Bumble Bee Boutique. I think it will last me a life time. I have used tiny bits of it for Clucky (a Melly and Me creation). Who I will post pics of when I finish her chickies. She looks very cute, if I may say so myself!

Here is a Lily that is in my garden. It is close up for a reason. Believe me, the garden is a work in progress. The sand-pit is being made at the moment, we are painting it blue to match the swings, the boys will love it!

Until next time! Which won't be as long as last time, I promise!
Hugs, Jess

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Janet said...

I have the clucky pattern too, now I'm dying to see it done in the felt. Good to see your choices for the quilt along, I recognise some of those fabrics from my winding ways quilt.