Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JC Quilt Along on the Square?.....

Sorry I forgot to tell that story!
After many emails back and forth with Kellie, and after looking closely at her blocks and the other blocks on flicka, I have decided that my block is probably a bit crooked.
Kellie didn't understand what I was getting at so it mustn't have been an issue for her, plus although I can't clearly see the edge of her block I don't think she has worried about it too much.
But I will try and have my blocks a bit straighter from now on! Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone fared okay in tonights storms, Jessica.


Unknown said...

I've been having a look around your blog and your work is just beautiful !

Wendyb said...

Looks perfectly fine to me too!!!! You're well ahead of me....I've joined but plan to start in a week or two! Lovely work and thanks for visiting my blog!!
sugary hugs 'o)